Symposium: Legacies of Pauline Oliveros

On November 3–4, 2017, Brooklyn College hosted “Legacies of Pauline Oliveros,” a musical and scholarly event intended to honor Oliveros upon the first anniversary of her passing.

International Electroacoustic Music Festival (IEAMF)

Every year, composers from New York and around the world gather for the concerts of the International Electroacoustic Music Festival, directed by Professor George Brunner. In fall 2017, IEAMF celebrated the life and music of Pauline Oliveros and included a special concert of music by our own former student and colleague Nicholas R. Nelson.

Brooklyn Electronic Ensemble (BEE)

The BC-CCM electroacoustic ensemble, now informally known as BEE, is composed of students and faculty and performs publicly twice or more per semester. Students design their own instruments and are able to compose works for the ensemble.

Guest Artist Series

The BC-CCM brings composers and performers of electronic and computer music to campus several times each semester to discuss their work, often in conjunction with performances. Suggestions for future guests may be submitted to Associate Professor Doug Geers.


The BC-CCM is happy to host artists-in-residence. Our funding is limited, but we are happy to discuss possibilities. For information, contact Doug Geers.


Each semester students of the BC-CCM, the Sonic Arts M.F.A., Media Scoring M.F.A., and PIMA M.F.A. present their work to the public, both on and off campus, including performances by the electroacoustic ensemble and by students from our courses. See our news and events page for recent and upcoming performance dates and locations.

Symposium on Electroacoustic Performance (SEMP)

In 2012, the Symposium on Electroacoustic Performance (SEMP) gathered composers and performers together to investigate and discuss innovative ideas in live performance of music with electronics.

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