On Thursday, May 12, following the Orchestral Readings concert in Whitman Theatre, in which the Conservatory Orchestra performed the impressive works of Larry Adams, Hannah Selin, and Andy Mason, three student composers-in-residence, the Conservatory held its annual awards ceremony to acknowledge the outstanding accomplishments of our students. In Interim Director Ray Allen’s absence, Stephanie Jensen-Moulton (director on sabbatical leave) did the honors as she announced this year’s recipients of the various $100 awards in recognition of the students’ remarkable work. The awards seek to honor students in a variety of categories—performance, music education, composition, and musicology/theory—and were given as follows:


  1. Conservatory Choral Award—”has excelled in the choral programs of the department”: Gabriel Muñiz
  2. Conservatory of Music Opera-Theater Award—”has contributed significantly to the performances of the opera program”: Lauren Maxwell
  3. Conservatory of Music Orchestra Award—particularly distinguished performance in the ensemble: Dwayne Beach and Elizabeth Kim
  4. Conservatory of Music Performance Awards—individuals who have demonstrated “outstanding work in the performance area”: Laurence Cummings and Adam von Housen
  5. conTEMPO Ensemble Performance Award—individual who has performed outstandingly for the Contemporary Music Ensemble in the past year: Alix Tucou
  6. De Los Mederos Special Award in Music—for excellence in performing contemporary music: Michael Zheng
  7. Robert Starer Performance Award—performer of a living composer’s work in public concert: Hila Zamir
  8. Gregg Smith Award—outstanding choral performance: Akilah Etienne

Music Education

  1. Conservatory Cerf Award in Music Education—”to a music education major who has demonstrated outstanding musicianship, scholarship, and accomplishment in music education, and outstanding promise for a career in music teaching”: Kyle Fackrell


  1. John Cage Award—outstanding work in experimental composition: Luke Paprocki
  2. Miriam Gideon Award—excelled in study of composition; encouraging women to enter the field: Seonghye Shin
  3. Hitchcock Institute for Studies in American Music (HISAM) Award—composition student “showing imaginative cross-cultural exploration”: Andrew Mason
  4. Morton Feldman Composition Award—for excellence in composition: Dana Malseptic and Sean Vigneau-Britt
  5. Noah Creshevsky Special Award in Music—special award in composition: Alexander Eisenhauer
  6. Lehman Engel Award—to the composition student who, in the past year, composed a particularly outstanding dramatic musical composition that was performed at Brooklyn College: Kit Goldstein-Grant
  7. Kadish Millet ‘48 Composition Award—student composer who has evidenced a special talent in songwriting: Karan Lee
  8. Max Mathews Award for Excellence in Sonic Arts (since 2011)—a student who has demonstrated outstanding creativity in sonic arts in the past year: Akio Mokuno

Music History / Theory / Education

  1. Maurice Lieberman Award—to a senior who is majoring in music history, music theory, music composition, or music education: Claudine Avalos
  2. Olga Kozina Memorial Award in Woodwinds (2012–)—undergraduate music major (ideally a flute or woodwind player) who is an extremely devoted student and good citizen of the Conservatory, one who generously shares his or her impressive talents in many concerts by the Conservatory’s ensembles and chamber groups, who plays all kinds of music, and who is a good friend to her Conservatory peers on campus: Anastasia Mosher
  3. Sherman Van Solkema Music History Writing Prize—best undergraduate music-history paper from the previous academic year, from submissions nominated by the music-history faculty: Konrad Kamm
  4. Nancy Hager Graduate Music History Prize—to a master’s music student for an outstanding research paper for a music history (and/or analysis) course or seminar during the previous year: Sean Vigneau-Britt

We heartily congratulate all the distinguished students on their fine accomplishments.