Safety and Security Information on Campus

Information about safety and security on campus (including statistical information) is available from the Office of Campus and Community Safety Services, 0202 Ingersoll Hall, 718.951.5511. Campus advisories on safety and security topics are issued in conjunction with the Office of Marketing and Communications, 2110 Boylan Hall, 718.951.5882.

Information about related workshops, discussion forums, video films, written materials, etc., is available from several campus offices, including the Office of Campus and Community Safety Services; Personal Counseling, 0203 James Hall, 718.951.5363; the Women’s Center, 227 Ingersoll Hall Extension, 718.951.5777; and the Division of Student Affairs, 2113 Boylan Hall, 718.951.5352.

Policy information is published in the online college Bulletin.

Campus Security Escort Service

A security escort service is provided by the Office of Campus and Community Safety Services. If you are concerned about entering or leaving any part of the campus area alone, call 718.951.5511 to request a security escort.

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