Haiti Premiere Classe E158 (July 22, 2018)

In this interview (from 1:35:16 to 1:56), Jean Eddy Saint Paul, a professor of sociology at the Brooklyn College Department of Sociology and founding director of the CUNY-wide Haitian Studies Institute, housed at Brooklyn College, reflects on the current political crisis in Haiti (popular uprising of July 6–8, 2018). He stresses on the real conflict among the members of the economic oligarchy in Haiti . He points out the deep “malaise social” in Haiti and the people’s fight for a dignified life. Saint Paul reflects on the need of a better civic engagement from the civil society.

Disaster Preparedness and Sustainable Development in Haiti

October 7, 2017—This event was organized by the CUNY Haitian Studies Institute and the International Alliance for the Advancement of Children. It included nonprofit organizations from the New York City area, Connecticut, and Maryland. The topics of disease containment and outbreak prevention post-disaster, water, sanitation, and food security, as well as possible collaboration among the organizations, were discussed by the panel.

A Retrospective of Recent U.S. Foreign Policy in Haiti

March 28, 2017—The CUNY Haitian Studies Institute and director Jean Eddy Saint Paul host U.S. Department of State’s Ambassador Kenneth Merten, Professor Claude Joseph (Fordham University), and Vanessa Leon (Pinchina) to discuss a retrospective of recent U.S. foreign policy in Haiti. Video is available here.

Voices From Haiti with Emeline Michel

March 2, 2017—The CUNY Haitian Studies Institute has partnered with the Office of the President through the We Stand Against Hate program and the Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts at Brooklyn College to organize the cultural and intellectual debate, “Voices From Haiti. Artists as Activists.” The panel discussion was introduced by Professor Lynda Day, chair of the Department of Africana Studies at Brooklyn College, and was moderated by the institute’s director, Jean Eddy Saint Paul. Panelists included Emeline Michel, Haitian singer, songwriter, and ambassador for the Red Cross International; Régine Roumain, executive director of Haiti Cultural Exchange; and the Haitian journalist and filmmaker Cassandre Thrasybule. Video is available here.

The Outer Periphery and Its Implications for Haiti and Sub-Saharan Countries With Professor Robert Fatton

October 14, 2016—The Outer Periphery and Its Implications for Haiti and Sub-Saharan Countries was a lecture organized by the CUNY Haitian Studies Institute. It was the inaugural lecture of the institute, with the guest speaker Robert Fatton Jr., Julia A Cooper Professor of Government and Foreign Affairs at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. Video is available here.

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