Brooklyn College Innovation + Entrepreneurship Lab

Welcome to the Brooklyn College Innovation + Entrepreneurship Lab (I+E Lab)!

Established in fall 2021, the I+E Lab provides support to Brooklyn College students with an interest in starting or expanding their own venture, be it a business, a tech startup, a socially conscious enterprise, an arts-based organization, or any other side gig. The I+E Lab provides guidance, advice, programming, and training designed to help students achieve their personal and professional goals. We also welcome individuals who want to develop skills in innovation and entrepreneurship, which they can apply to almost any professional and career setting. As a new venture, we’re especially eager to hear from you, Brooklyn College students, about how we can best meet your needs!

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Roger Gonzalez, Program Manager of the Blackstone LaunchPad

Veronica Manlow, Academic Director

Lucas Rubin, Campus Director

Sherita Levy, Operations Assistant

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