Information for Students

The Innovation + Entrepreneurship Lab welcomes and supports Brooklyn College students at every stage of their academic career (first year, returning, transfer, graduate) and level of experience (from the curious to the serial entrepreneur). We recognize the changing nature of work and the barriers to and challenges associated with entrepreneurship, and aim to help you face those hurdles with confidence, knowledge, and skill.

At the I+E Lab we realize that innovation and entrepreneurship can take (m)any forms: an invention, a start-up, a small business, an artistic endeavor, a scientific breakthrough, social change, activism, etc. The I+E Lab was created and funded with you in mind, and our array of training, programming, mentoring, and guidance are designed to enhance any (and most every) professional and/or academic pursuit in which you’re interested.

What’s in your future? Reach out and let’s begin talking and planning.

To get started, let us know something about you and your interests. E-mail us to be added to our mailing list.

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