The Benefits of a Degree in Business

A priority for staff and faculty in the Koppelman School of Business is preparing students for professional careers in a variety of different industries. Being accredited by the Association for the Advancement of Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) ensures that our students are well prepared for a career in the industry of their choice. We are confident that when Koppelman students graduate, their major notwithstanding, they will immediately realize the benefits of a degree in business!

What Can You Do With a Degree in Accounting?

A bachelor’s degree in accounting can open doors for a multitude of careers. Graduates with an accounting degree can also look forward to higher-than-average field growth rates and salaries, which makes this degree an excellent return on its investment. Brooklyn College alumni with a degree in accounting work in areas such as accounting, administration, business development, education, finance, IT, operations, and sales, among others.

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What Can You Do With a Degree in Economics?

A bachelor’s degree in economics prepares students for a variety of careers. Students pursuing an economics degree can choose from concentrations in economic analysis, financial and international economics, and urban economics and public policy. Brooklyn College alumni with degrees in economics may attain positions in areas such as business management, finance, law, actuary, education, sales, administrative, and journalism in addition to economics.

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What Can You Do With a Degree in Finance?

A bachelor’s degree in finance can open the door for a wide range of career opportunities that may be similar or different from each other. A finance degree is one of the most valuable college degrees and one of the only degrees associated with high entry-level pay rates. The most common type of institutions that employ finance professional are banks (retail banks, commercial banks, investment banks), money management firms, wealth and asset management firms, hedge funds, private equity firms, real estate firms, consulting firms, insurance companies, and fintech firms as well as nonprofit institutions and government agencies.

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