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Brooklyn College students can benefit from stipends that can provide them resources for successful internship positions. More than 40% of internships are unpaid, so our students often rely on competitive stipends. But only 32% of colleges provide stipends to students. At Brooklyn College, over $700,000 in stipend funds have been awarded to more than 400 students in the past 10 years thanks to our generous sponsors. Here are some testimonies from our own students who successfully interned with the help of a stipend:

  • “I literally cried when I opened your e-mail this morning. I cannot tell you how much this scholarship means to my family and me. Thank you so so much!!!!!”
  • “I divorced my abusive husband and was left with nothing. With four kids, all by myself, I have been struggling to keep a roof over our heads, provide for our basic needs, and my tuition. Given my financial situation, I cannot do an internship without a stipend since I need the money to offset the financial costs.”
  • “My father passed away, and my mother is not able to work anymore. Therefore, my three brothers and I have part-time jobs (while being full-time students) to provide for the family. If I take the internship, I won’t be able to work. I am not sure how my family would cope with the loss of one extra salary.”

Fast Facts

  • 48% of students work while attending Brooklyn College
  • 31% are first-generation college students
  • 31% of students have household incomes under $20,000
  • 29% of students who apply receive a stipend based on current funding

How to Give

To make a charitable donation to the center, donate online via the Brooklyn College Foundation. Make sure to write General Internships Fund where it says Funds Designation.

You can also send a check to:

Brooklyn College Foundation
2900 Bedford Avenue
1122 Ingersoll Hall
Brooklyn, NY 11210

On the memo line, write: BCF General Internships Fund 30201700.

Here are some recent highlights that show the impact that the center has had, all of which would not have happened without our donors:

The Impact of Donations

Your donations help support our students and their future success. Previous success stories:

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