Internship and Job Search

The Magner Career Center offers the same key internship, job, and career resources available at all career centers, but we are proud to go above and beyond to offer more.

Great Employer Connections

Through our  internship/job database (HireBC)fairs, and events, we connect hundreds of top employers to talented and hard working students. Some past participating employers include: Aon, Bloomberg, Brooklyn Navy Yard, Citigroup, Con Edison, Estée Lauder, Google, JP Morgan, Jumpstart, Kings County DA’s Office, KPMG, MTA, NBC, New York City Department of Education, New York City Department of Finance, New York City government agencies, New York Methodist, Peace Corps, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Reading as Partners, S&P, Teach for America, UBS, and more.

Strong Alumni Network

You name the company and you will find Brooklyn College alumni working there who are willing to help students. For companies that don’t directly recruit at Brooklyn College, we leverage our alumni network to open doors. Through our alumni mentor program, company visits, mentor luncheons, networking nights, and career panels, students can network with alumni to make strong professional connections.

Funding to Support Unpaid Internships

Our goal is to help students gain valuable experience while also getting paid. Although approximately half of internships are unpaid, Brooklyn College is fortunate to be among the 32% of colleges that provide stipends to students. Through our generous alumni, we have over $100,000 to give away to students each year.

Dedicated and Caring Career Staff

The staff works closely with students to provide them with the resources and tools necessary to secure valuable internships and jobs. Our goal is to have a lasting impact on each student that we work with. Since most of the staff has been at the center for 10 or more years, we maintain lasting relationships with students long after they graduate, who then pay it forward by mentoring students, serving on a panel, donating, etc.

Brooklyn. All in.