At Brooklyn College’s Magner Career Center, we are a dedicated team providing you with the highest level of career support throughout your time at Brooklyn College.

Ultimately, if you engage with us early and often, you will certainly be prepared to enter the world of work! By partnering with employers, alumni, and staff and faculty on campus, students will be prepared for leadership roles and to serve a truly global community.

Dedicated Career Coaches
We offer the services of expert career counselors with specializations across a wide variety of fields and majors. They are here to advise students about career paths, plan future goals, and connect them with valuable opportunities. Our coaches also provide mock interviews as a source for students to prepare for upcoming job interviews.

Stipends for Internships
Our Internship Stipend Award program grants students the financial liberty to pursue exciting unpaid internships. Thanks to the generous donations of alumni, Brooklyn College is among only 32% of colleges nationwide to offer such an opportunity.

Hundreds of Employers
Whether it be at a career fair, job panel, or company visit, students receive the opportunity to network and communicate with myriad successful employers across a wide range of industries. Students who develop connections with such employers sometimes land positions in their companies within the long-term, and the Magner Career Center is happy to facilitate such opportunities.

Career Videos/Social Media
Follow our social media to learn more about the Magner Career Center at Brooklyn College and be the first to hear about new exciting internships, jobs, events, and resources. Be sure to check daily.

Successful Alumni
The Magner Center gladly facilitates networking opportunities between thousands of Brooklyn College alumni across the nation and current ambitious students. Whether it be in person or virtually at a panel, workshop, or career fair, students are given the chance to ask alumni specific questions pertaining to their field of interest.

Company Visits
Students are given the opportunity to partake in trips to organizations across a wide variety of fields and industries, in order to truly learn more about the day-to-day. Past trips include visits to established companies such as Google, MTV, and The New York Times.

Variety of Career Events
The Magner Center holds hundreds of career events including career panels with alumni, job and internship search workshops, career fairs, recruitment events with employers, and many more!

Special Programs and Resources
With the help of the Magner Center, students have full access to a wide range of programs, internships, and fellowships, tailored directly to their career interests and academic goals.

Career / Major Specific Resources
We work closely with the five schools to offer events and services designed to prepare students for a successful career. Through partnerships with  staff, faculty, alumni, and employers, the Magner Career Center develops programs to meet the needs of our students.

Student Testimonials
Students tell their stories about how they used the Magner Career Center to achieve their goals.

Contact Us

If you are a current or prospective student seeking more information call 718.951.5696 or e-mail us.

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