Student Testimonials

Roudjessie Charles ’22

“It was a pleasure to attend today’s panel session [at the Magner Center’s Secrets of the Highly Successful event]. I took home an abundance of knowledge, along with a new sense of self. The panelists touched on a variety of topics that resonated with me, from how to establish and maintain relationships to handling change in the workforce—once again reminding me the importance of how to just breathe. Thank you so much for allowing me to experience such a wonderful event!”

Leila Assif ’21

“The Magner Career Center has been an integral help in my professional preparation for my career field in secondary education. Kendra Lewis helped me perfect the formatting and wording of my resume to reflect my abilities in the most streamline manner, making me a standout candidate. The Principal’s Panel workshop Kendra Lewis hosted gave me valuable insight into how to present myself and convey my skills and beliefs to my perspective employers. I am confident that the professionalism with which I carry myself is largely credited to the wealth of knowledge and resources the Magner Career Center offers.”

Nadia Thomas ’21

“I’d like to thank the entire Team at Magner Career Center. As a student and New Yorker, you guys have helped me navigate my career choices and professionalize my image and résumé. I want to say thank you to those who organize the career fairs and events. Because of you, I have learned firsthand from industry leaders. The insight I have gained from the connections that you have made available to us, the exposure to the most interesting job and internship opportunities you bring to students, is invaluable. In this world, nothing is promised, not even success. And yet, we students have you to thank to make success more possible and more in our reach every day. On behalf of all students using the tools the Magner Career Center offers past, present, and future I would like to say THANK YOU.”

Sara Mann ’21

Sara Mann attended the Magner Center student/alumni networking night. She spoke with STEM professionals, including business and accounting alumni. “Overall, it was a superb event, and I can’t thank you enough for providing such opportunity to Brooklyn College students.”

Kadeem Joseph ’20

“I would like to thank you (the Magner Center) for all the help you gave me to get to where I am. Two years ago, around this time, you helped me prep for an interview at Morgan Stanley in compliance. The mock interview taught me how to articulate my skillsets and explain myself better. Ultimately, it directly helped me prep for an interview at S&P Global a few weeks later. That led to an internship, which led to a full-time offer, which brings me to today, where I am a credit analyst in a three-year rotational program.”

Daniel (Doniyorbek) Bairbekov ’20

“The Magner Career Center played a significant role in my college experience. I completed three successful internships in various financial roles and am graduating with a full-time offer at S&P Global. None of this would be possible without the help of the Magner Center. Anything I needed help with—including résumé review, mock interviews, networking with professionals and alumni, company visits, applying for internships, the list keeps going—the Magner Center supported and guided me through it all. I was able to set myself ahead of the competition and realize my full potential. I look forward to working with the Magner Career Center once I graduate, and to give back to our Brooklyn College community!”

Andres Rivera ’19

“The Magner Career Center played a very big role to get me where I am today. I am so thankful that Brooklyn College offers an outstanding career center, and I am so thankful that I had the chance to meet Natalia and Andre. I wished I had met them earlier in my college career, but I am so glad I met both of them. Andre helped me fix my résumé and worked on my interview skills. Natalia opened the doors for me with a nonprofit organization called Ramapo for Children. With Ramapo, I learned so much and was glad I stayed there as an intern, a temp, and then as a part-time finance and research assistant. With the experience I have gained at Ramapo, I was able to find a new full-time job at UTA. Each opportunity helped me open a new door and take that next step in my professional career.”

(Pia) Piedad Cardenas ’18

“I would recommend that all college students visit and make an appointment with one of the career counselors. By participating in various networking events and volunteering, you start making your own journey full of wonderful stories; things don’t happen overnight. It’s a process that requires time, dedication, and patience. The Magner Career Center environment is very friendly, professional, and inspiring. I’ve learned valuable lessons from my career counselors and see myself where I was and where I am now. Utilize every opportunity to nurture your relationships with the staff.”

David Engel ’18

“While attending a Magner Career Center STEM event in January 2017, I was able to meet a representative at NASA. If it weren’t for the events and career services that the Magner Career Center provides, I wouldn’t have learned about this internship opportunity. Students need to take advantage of the Magner Career Center’s services while studying at Brooklyn College. While it is very important to receive a quality education, it is even more important for students to prepare for their careers before they graduate from college.”

Hassan Ayoub ’17

“As my wife, who is a Harvard graduate, said, ‘I’ve never seen the level of support and great opportunities that you get from your career center, not even at Harvard!’”

Elizabeth Cotto ’16

“Thanks to the Magner Center’s job fair, I found an internship. The generous stipend allowed me to accept this non-paid internship despite my financial state and has lead to more opportunities within the internship. I am very grateful for the center. Brooklyn College wouldn’t be the same without it.”

Maria Corazon Barro ’15

“The Magner Center offers invaluable assistance and guides students to doors that lead to opportunity. With their advice, I researched, prepared for an interview, and landed the internship. I don’t believe that I would have had the courage or confidence to apply for and succeed at the internship had it not been for the center.”

Gladstone Edwards ’15

“Being a first-generation college student, I did not have the support of those in my immediate family to prepare me for life after graduation. The Magner Center, and its dedicated staff, went above and beyond for me. For the years of service they have provided to me, I am forever indebted to the center and its staff.”

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