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The Self-Advising Handbook for Undergraduate Math Majors and Minors contains relevant information for students interested in studying mathematics at Brooklyn College. For each undergraduate program offered by the Department of Mathematics, a list of departmental requirements is included, accompanied by the corresponding prerequisite flowchart and alternative suggestions for graduation schedules. The current multiple-year schedule of advanced electives is also included, along with the departmental course offerings and information about its faculty.


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Placement into Precalculus, Math 1011 or 1012

Important Information

  • The Mathematics Department recommends that students begin college mathematics at a level that has familiarity.
  • Many students overestimate their readiness for Precalculus and hurt their GPAs.
  • Keep in mind that the amount of material covered in two days of college may be covered in a month at the high school level.
  • College mathematics is both more rigorous and covers more material.
  • If you are placed into a math class for which you are unprepared, you will probably fail the class.
  • Changes to the Precalculus Sequence, Effective Fall 2019 (pdf)

To Take the Precalculus Placement Exam

If you believe you are ready for Precalculus rather than MATH 1006 College Algebra, follow these steps to take the Brooklyn College Online Placement Exam:

  • Go to and register for a free account. Use an e-mail address you check regularly.
  • Add the Precalculus Placement Exam using the following information:
    • CourseID: 100548
    • Enrollment key: spring2022
  • Read the information about the placement exams on MyOpenMath.
  • Required prerequisites to take the placement exams:
    • You must complete both the “Formatting Practice” and the “Placement Exam Policies” before the placement exam. Both are on MyOpenMath.
  • If you have completed the required prerequisites, the placement exam will become available and you may take it at any time.

Degree Maps

The degree maps are designed to help you take the right courses in the right order so you can graduate in four years (without requiring any summer or winter sessions). The degree maps also clearly illustrate what courses qualify as Pathways courses, major courses, and general elective courses—providing a credit breakdown for each area. Each degree map is created with an ideal course sequence in mind. However, there is room for you to make some adjustments so long as prerequisite requirements are satisfied.
In conjunction with the four-year degree map, you should review DegreeWorks and the Brooklyn College website for an approved list of courses in your major. Overall, it is best to review and assess your individual academic plan with a faculty adviser on a regular basis.

Generally, these degree maps are designed for first-year students starting in fall 2018 who know their intended major. If you are a transfer student or a continuing student undecided about your major, your path to graduation may look different. Still, you may find these maps helpful in terms of identifying course priorities within majors, and for comparing and contrasting different majors.

Degree maps can now be found within the particular major.

Yearly Course Schedules—Check out the Mathematics course offerings of courses numbered 2000 or above for current, upcoming, and past academic years.

Advisement Requests

Please make an appointment with our Advisement Request form (below). Advisers can assist students who are:

  • seeking permission / overtallies for math courses,
  • transferring into Brooklyn College and require course evaluations,
  • unsure as to which math course(s) to register for,
  • returning students, and
  • majoring or minoring in math.

Incomplete or incorrect information will delay a response.
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