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About MyOpenMath

MyOpenMath is a free, open-source, online course management system for mathematics. MyOpenMath’s primary emphasis is to facilitate the creation and implementation of online homework and assessment.

If you are a student looking to study mathematics on your own and want to do exercises with immediate feedback as you work through a free and open textbook, then you should visit the MyOpenMath website.

MyOpenMath can also be used by students as a self-study resource. MyOpenMath provides interactive assessment to supplement several free and open math textbooks that can be read online, or printed copies can be ordered through their partner site, All of self-study courses include online interactive, self-grading assessment that can automatically create new versions of problems to provide unlimited practice with instant feedback.

How to Use MyOpenMath

If you would like to acquire a better understanding for how to use MyOpenMath, check out Associate Professor Jeff Suzuki’s MyOpenMath YouTube channel.

MATH 1006 Course on MyOpenMath

  • MATH 1006—This is the direct link to the open version of MATH 1006 on the MyOpenMath website. The open section MATH 1006 course ID is 65537 and the enrollment key is “spring2020”. Click here to view the YouTube video explaining how to get access.

Math Course Syllabi

On this page, we provide selected syllabi from undergraduate mathematics courses that we offer. Some of these syllabi are more detailed than others. Keep in mind that different professors may focus more or less on certain topics than other professors. Accordingly, different professors assess student performance using a variety of methods. Therefore, use the information given for each course as a framework, but not necessarily as a defined model.

Click on a course below to see its syllabus:

Math Organizations

The following are some mathematical organizations that you may want to learn more about and consider joining:

Math Software

CUNY Site Licenses

The CUNY Site Licenses website contains information on CUNY-wide software licenses. All site-licensed software is for use by faculty, staff, and registered students. To request software or information, you can e-mail our campus site license coordinator and specify the product, product version, and platform that you desire. Software can include Maplesoft, MathWorks, SAS, SPSS, and Wolfram Mathematica. The Software Availability webpage describes where CUNY-wide licensed software is available and who is allowed to use it.

CUNY Virtual Desktop

The CUNY Virtual Desktop allows you to remotely access your course software, anytime and anywhere. Virtual desktop apps include SPSS, SAS, Mathematica, Maplesoft, and Matlab. For more information, check out the CUNY Virtual Desktop page.

CUNY eMall

The CUNY eMALL, accessible via the CUNY portal, is a virtual shopping plaza where merchants offer a variety of discounts and other promotional programs on goods and services to CUNY students, faculty, and staff.

A single-user license for Maplesoft, a mathematical software application, is available at no cost. You can download it for Windows, Mac, or Linux. Currently, Maple 2015 or 2016 can be downloaded for free.

Brooklyn College Library—Mathematics: Tools & Calculators

Check out the library’s Mathematics: Tools & Calculators page to see a list of links to online calculators, math software packages, and Wolfram.

Brooklyn College Library—Math Software Installed

View the library’s Software Installed on Public Computers page to see a detailed listing of the software made available on library / library café computers, such as Maplesoft, Mathematica, Matlab, R, SAS, and SPSS.

Wolfram Technology at Brooklyn College

You can view the Wolfram Technology at Brooklyn College page to find out about:

  • how to obtain Mathematica,
  • tutorials on how to use Mathematica,
  • how to utilize Mathematica to complement your teaching and create an interactive classroom experience, and
  • how Mathematica can assist you with your research needs.

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