Staff, Postdoctoral Fellows, and Graduate Students

To reach a particular extension, call 718.951.5000 and dial the four-digit extension when requested.

Building Codes

N – Ingersoll Hall
NE – Ingersoll Hall Extension

Office Assistant

Name E-Mail Room Extension
John Keenan 3438N 2850

Adjunct Faculty

Name E-Mail Room Extension
Basant Dhital 3438N 5418
Sarah Delicia-King 3438N 5418
Lyudmila Godenko 2157N-B 1511
Owen Henry 3438N 5418
Semyon Khotyanov 3438N 5418
David Kiefer 3438N 5418
Chakra Maharjan 2156N-E 2871
Lyudmila Malikova 2157N-B 1511
Amaach Noureddin 529NE 5416
Naresh Shakya 3438N 5418
Muhammad Siddique 3438N 5418
Miraj Uddin 3438N 5418

Lab Technicians

Name E-Mail Room Extension
Alexander Sapozhnikov 3411N 2860
Zakhar Yudovin 0407N 5800

Postdoctoral Fellows


Graduate Students

Name E-Mail Room Extension
Ashok Adhikari 3430N 1518
Ali Eltareb 3430N 1518
Dharshika Malwane 3430N 1518
Tawhid Pranto 3438N 5418
Janel Rivera-Cancel 3438N 5418
Travis Rogowski 3438N 5418
Yang Zhou 3438N 5418

Brooklyn. All in.