Physics can involve anything from how stars generate energy to the intricacies of quantum mechanics. We’ll help you learn it all.


You want to understand how basic natural phenomena occur. And you want to combine that knowledge with an ability to reason quantitatively and qualitatively. Our Department of Physics sets out a course of study that will help you achieve that goal. We stress logical, analytical thinking applied to solving practical problems in the world around us, preparing you for a career in anything from astronomy to biophysics to engineering. Or you may want to use your physics studies to apply to programs in medicine or law. You’ll study in labs with high-tech equipment, work with our highly regarded physicists, and have the opportunity to conduct research in our own labs or, during summer breaks, at other institutions throughout the United States.

Contact Information

Department Chair: Karl Sandeman
Undergraduate Deputy/Physics Advisement/Transfer Credit Evaluation: Ken Miyano
Coordinated Engineering Program: Mim Lal Nakarmi

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