Undergraduate Information

The study of physics provides a foundation in fundamental science and develops skills that are highly valued in virtually every profession.

Physics emphasizes logical, analytical thinking applied to understanding basic natural phenomena and solving practical problems. It requires strong mathematical skills and the ability to reason quantitatively and qualitatively. The Department of Physics offers degree programs that students may tailor to their individual needs and interests.

The Bachelor of Science degree prepares students for admission to graduate school in physics or closely related fields, including astronomy, biophysics, medical physics, materials science, and engineering. Research opportunities for undergraduates are available both within the department and through summer programs that are run at laboratories, colleges, and universities throughout the United States.

For students who do not intend to become research physicists, the Bachelor of Arts degree provides an attractive alternative. It does not require as many advanced courses and can be combined with other interests. The B.A. confers a competitive edge in professions such as business, finance, law, and medicine. The department also offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in adolescence education for physics teachers as well as a minor in physics.

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