Adjunct Faculty Resources

This page provides information that may be of particular interest to part-time faculty. In additional to resources and policies specific to adjuncts, you will find links to policies, resources, and other opportunities available to all faculty at Brooklyn College.

Obligations of the Faculty and Guidance for Syllabus Preparation

Adjunct Faculty Handbook

Along with general information, the Adjunct Faculty Handbook (Fourth Edition, Fall 2021) (pdf) is an abridged version of the more comprehensive Faculty Handbook, focused on the needs of our teaching faculty in adjunct titles.

The current edition is available in a fully searchable digital PDF format, and includes the ability to click on the items listed in the table of contents.

Faculty Workload

Faculty Professional Development

Follow the links below for information about college, university, and external opportunities and initiatives. Nearly all professional development opportunities sponsored by Brooklyn College are open to all faculty, and adjunct faculty are encouraged to participate. There are also several other resources and opportunities for adjuncts available within the university and through external organizations. Take a look!

We consider these pages to be a continuous work-in-progress and will update them periodically with new information as it becomes available.

We welcome suggestions for new faculty development initiatives. Also, if you learn of any internal or external professional development opportunities to share with your fellow faculty, let us know so we can add the listing!

The Professional Staff Congress (PSC)

The Professional Staff Congress is the union that represents 30,000 faculty and staff at the City University of New York (CUNY) and the CUNY Research Foundation, including adjunct faculty.

Other Workplace Policies

Additional workplace polices may be found in the Faculty Handbook linked above or on the Human Resource Services policies page.

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