Faculty Handbook and Workplace Policies

On this page you will find the Faculty Handbook and other useful policies and guidance for faculty at Brooklyn College. In addition to what is found here, take a look at our office’s other pages for policies and information related to faculty workload requirements and limitations, college and university governance, academic leaves of absence, professional evaluation, and reappointment, promotion, and tenure/CCE.

Faculty Handbook

The Brooklyn College Faculty Handbook is a guide for both full- and part-time faculty. Along with general information, it presents important policies and practices related to faculty life at the college. The Adjunct Faculty Handbook is an abridged version of the more comprehensive text, focused on the needs of our teaching faculty in adjunct titles.

The current editions are available in a fully searchable digital PDF format, and include the ability to click on the items listed in the table of contents.

Obligations of the Faculty and Guidance for Syllabus Preparation

The Professional Staff Congress (PSC)

The Professional Staff Congress is the union that represents 30,000 staff and faculty at the City University of New York (CUNY) and the CUNY Research Foundation.

Other Workplace Policies

Additional workplace polices may be found in the Faculty Handbook linked above or on the Human Resource Services policies page.

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