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Graduate studies open doors to careers in research, counseling, and human resources

A graduate degree in psychology presents many research and professional opportunities for you. Our well-regarded research and faculty will prepare you for a future in basic or applied research, with a view to doctoral training, a career in clinical and counseling practice, or personnel and human resources. No matter what area you decide to concentrate in, by the time you earn your advanced degree you will have a thorough grounding in your expertise, useful contacts, and important work experience.


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Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Fellows

Postdoctoral Fellows

Name E-Mail Lab
Behmer, Lawrence Crump

Ph.D. Students

Name E-Mail Lab
Anderson, Kyle Hardin
Bonacchi, Kristine B. Sclafani
Brosowsky, Nicholaus Crump
Chavarga, Alla Abramov
Chen, Junqing Kacinik
Cheung, Man Hin (Rick) Hardin
Chi, Susan Rabin
Coyle, Maureen Carmichael
Davis, Olivia Grasso
Dzedzits, Tatsiana Lewis
Erlich, Yosefa Walder
Garr, Eric Delamater
Gaynor, Alexandra (Lesya) Chua
Goldberg, Matthew Hardin/Carmichael
Hazan, Beliz (M.A.) Kurylo
Hecht, Julie Lewis
Huang, Yongling Gao
Memos, Nicoletta Delamater
Mitchell, Kevonte Crump
Ochakovskaya, Yuliya Chua/Mangels
Ospina, Luz Walder
Papazian, Katherine Drake
Polokowski, Ashley (M.A.) Reigada
Ramos, Eric Lewis
Ramratan, Wendy Rabin
Schapiro, Bella Delamater
Strieter, Ian Grasso
Vanaman, Matthew Chapman
Vitrano, Jaime McDonough
Williamson, Casey Chua/Mangels
Yaffe, Beril Walder
Zitron, Liat (M.A.) Gao

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