Discover why we behave as we do, and learn about the critical role psychology plays in society in promoting mental health and well-being at Brooklyn College.

You are fascinated by human behavior and the human mind. Whether you want to understand cognitive processes such as thinking, language, and memory, and how they are linked to brain functions; social behavior, such as how we perceive and interact with others individually and in groups; human development and how we change from birth through aging; or health and clinical psychology and how we can increase well-being in the community, you will find our Psychology Department to be an environment that will stimulate your interest and provide you with the basis for pursuing careers in many fields.

Fieldwork and internship opportunities are available with city, state, and federal agencies, hospitals, schools, and social welfare and community organizations throughout New York City. You will even have the opportunity to work with professors conducting important research and gathering data. Professors will guide you to summer programs throughout the United States that will increase your experience, build your résumé, and put you in touch with valuable contacts.

Contact Information

5315/5401 James Hall
2900 Bedford Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11210
P: 718.951.5601
F: 718.951.4814

Department Chair

  • Aaron Kozbelt


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