Campus Access Policy

Entry to the Brooklyn College campus by students, staff, and faculty is by presentation of a valid Brooklyn College photo ID card. Visitors may enter the campus by obtaining a visitor pass at any of the visitor entrances.


Entry / exit points for the college community and visitors are as follows:

Name Detail
Hillel Gate Campus Road and Hillel Place—Leonard & Claire Tow Center for the Performing Arts
Bike Rack Gate Campus Road and East 27th Street (closed)
Bedford Avenue Gates Bedford Avenue—East and West quads
James Hall Campus Road between Bedford Avenue and East 23rd Street
Roosevelt Hall Bedford Avenue (after-hours access only)
West Gate Avenue H and Campus Road; entrance to the parking lot (24-hour entry/exit)
East Gate Campus Road and Nostrand Avenue
Whitehead Hall Campus Road and East 27th Street (after-hours access only)

All other entry / exit points not mentioned above are prohibited for normal use. They are for emergency purposes only.


Visitors must present some form of valid personal photo ID and state their destination prior to receiving a visitor pass.

Pre-Approved Visitors

Offices and departments are urged to notify Security at 718.951.5511 or by fax at 718.951.4840 of expected visitors so that visitor passes will be awaiting their arrival at the specified entrance.

Students / Staff / Faculty

Students, staff, and faculty who have been issued a Brooklyn College ID card but are not in possession of their ID card, can present a Digital ID (from the BC Navigator App) or can obtain a one-day temporary ID at any visitor’s entrance.

Campus Hours

The campus is normally open from 7 a.m. (access from 24-hour entrances) to 11 p.m. All other gates mentioned above are open from 7:15 a.m. to 11 p.m., Mondays through Fridays, and 7:15 a.m. to 6 p.m., Saturdays and Sundays.

During intersessions and recesses, when there are no classes, the campus is open for normal business.

The college is closed on public holidays and on any other designated days, as published on the academic calendar.

Twenty-four-hour entry for authorized personnel is through the West Gate on Avenue H and Campus Road. The West Gate will be the only entrance open for both vehicles and pedestrians, allowing access to both the West and East sides of campus via the underground southern parking lot. Identification is required for campus access.

After-Hours Access

When the campus is closed, the following persons have authorized after-hours access or are permitted to remain on campus during closed hours:

  • Administrators
  • Executive staff
  • Full-time faculty
  • Adjunct faculty
  • Students with 24-hour access IDs
  • Students with written access approvals from the director of public safety
  • Assigned facilities personnel
  • Assigned public safety personnel
  • Other staff approved in writing by the director of public safety
  • Contractors approved by facilities and public safety
  • Performers and backstage personnel involved in and patrons attending PAC events
  • Persons attending scheduled recreational events
  • Brooklyn College students with a valid BC ID utilizing the Library Café

Requesting 24 Hour Access or After-Hours Access

Students seeking after hours or 24-hour access, must complete the Request for 24-Hour Access form, submitted to Student Affairs.

Staff requesting 24-hour access must submit a written request from the supervising departmental head to the director of public safety for approval.

After-hours access approval is normally granted only through 11 p.m. Other arrangements must be approved by the director of public safety or his designee.

Photo ID Cards (From the Enrollment Services ID Center)

  • Immediately after paying tuition, new students must present their tuition receipts at the Enrollment Services Center in order to obtain a valid Brooklyn College photo ID card. Hours for the Enrollment Services Center are posted on their website. During registration, these hours are usually extended, and ID cards are issued/validated as part of the registration process.
  • Returning students must present their tuition receipts and old Brooklyn College ID cards to be validated each semester.
  • Newly hired staff and faculty can obtain Brooklyn College photo ID cards from the ID Center after the relevant personnel information is supplied to Public Safety from Human Resources.
  • Returning faculty and staff need not present their Brooklyn College ID cards for validation to the ID Center. The ID cards will automatically be updated.
  • Similarly, the ID Center issues Brooklyn College IDs identifying specific areas of college activity to persons who work / study in these areas based on information received from the college: Brooklyn College Academy High School, Recreation, Performing Arts Center, library, Conservatory of Music, and Atrium Computer Center.
  • Brooklyn College Public Safety acknowledges IDs issued by the Brooklyn College Adult and Community Education, Brooklyn College Preparatory Center for the Performing Arts, Brooklyn College Alumni Association, CUNY Central Office, other CUNY colleges, Midwood High School, and other area schools.
  • In addition, Brooklyn College Community Resident ID cards are issued upon request, following verification of home address, to local community residents.
  • ID cards are the property of Brooklyn College and are to be surrendered upon request and when the holder is no longer affiliated with the college.


Inquiries can be made to the Public Safety Office, 0202 Ingersoll Hall, 718.951.5511.

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