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Brooklyn College Academy

Brooklyn College Academy is a small comprehensive seventh- through 12th-grade middle-college high school of approximately 600 students established in 1986 by the New York City Board of Education in collaboration with the City University of New York. Created for students who can benefit from smaller classes, more individualized attention, and a nurturing environment, Brooklyn College Academy was named one of the top-performing schools by the Chancellor’s Office in June 2003.

The mission of the academy is to strengthen student performance and to expand students’ horizons to include postsecondary educational opportunities and career goals. The academy is composed of two units. The Senior Institute, located in James Hall, houses grades 11 and 12. Bridges to Brooklyn, located off campus at 350 Coney Island Avenue, houses the Lower lnstitute Program for seventh and eighth graders and the Middle lnstitute for ninth and 10th graders. After completing the 10th grade, students make the transition to the college campus.

Admission to the academy is open to Brooklyn residents who may apply through their elementary school or junior high school guidance counselors for grades seven and eight. Grades nine through 12 must follow the high school application process.

Science, Technology, and Research (STAR) Early College High School

The STAR Early College High School, a collaboration between Brooklyn College and the New York City Department of Education, offers a rigorously challenging, college-enriched curriculum with a science, technology, and research theme designed to equip students to transition from high school to college.

STAR opened in 2003 in partnership with Brooklyn College and the Gateway lnstitute for Pre-College Education and is one of more than 75 early college high schools in the National Early College Initiative funded in part through the Woodrow Wilson Early College and Gates Education Foundations. STAR accepted its first sixth-grade class in fall 2007 and became a full-service early-college 6–12 program in 2009. The Class of 2007 was STAR’s first graduating class, and 98% of its members met or exceeded the assessment and state standards for graduation.

STAR currently enrolls 446 students who have achieved a 98% promotion rate and an attendance rate of 94%. Starting in the ninth grade, students have the opportunity to accrue college credits, first through dual credited curses offered at Brooklyn College and culminating in junior- and senior-year experiences where students are enrolled in a variety of freshman college courses with Brooklyn College students. By the end of their senior year, STAR students will have earned 30 or more college credits. They gain real-world experiences through special field investigation trips, summer internships, college tours, and science-oriented projects provided through the Gateway lnstitute for Pre-College Education.

Bridges to Computing Program

Bridges to Computing is a Brooklyn College high school program that introduces female and minority students to career paths open to students with an education in computer science. Bridges offers a Fall lnstitute, a yearlong college-level course that meets on the Brooklyn College campus where students engage in interdisciplinary lessons, hands-on labs, and social activities, and a Summer Institute, an eight-day workshop where students are exposed to new technologies in graphics, multimedia, robotics, and simulations.

Eligible students must be in 11th grade and have an interest in computers. Brooklyn College students may be hired to work with the Bridges program as student ambassadors to the high school components.

To apply or for more information about Bridges, contact the high school liaison, 718.951.5209.

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