Special Programs

No matter what type of student you are—whether you are academically talented or in need of a little extra guidance to navigate college life, already focused on the type of education and career you want or wide open to new and unexplored opportunities—Brooklyn College offers a range of special programs to suit your needs and interests.

Our International Programs & Study Abroad (IPSA) can extend your studies to anywhere in the world, from Argentina to China to Israel. You can explore the legal and health arenas through our pre-law and pre-health programs. Or you can join the Center for Achievement in Science Education, an initiative that brings together a number of science-related programs in an effort to increase the number of underrepresented, economically disadvantaged, and first-generation students who seek advanced degrees in science.

First-semester students are welcomed into our First College Year program, in which a cluster of two or three linked courses make it easy for you to acclimate yourself to Brooklyn College, meet new friends, form study groups, and prepare for exams. And our Percy Ellis Sutton SEEK Program is open to students entering college for the first time who need additional assistance in the form of academic and financial counseling, tutoring, or extra classes.

And if you’re still in high school but can’t wait to get a taste of life at Brooklyn College, we have a wide variety of special high school programs just for you.

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