CUNY Transfer Students

The Transfer Student Success Team is dedicated to supporting your transition to Brooklyn College if you transfer from another CUNY school.

The Student Success Unit is pleased to receive a grant from the Carroll and Milton Petrie Foundation that expands and enhances how the Transfer Student Success Team offers transfer student support. The Transfer Student Success Team consists of a variety of coaches who are here to support transfer students from other CUNY schools to make sure they get the support they need—from admission to graduation. During enrollment periods, the Transfer Student Success Team checks in with all students in the program to ensure they have enrolled and to assist with any issues.

CUNY Transfer Student General Education Requirements (Pathways)


Transfer Advisement Coaches

  • Offer individual coaching sessions to students to discuss requirements and policies and to troubleshoot any difficulties.
  • During your first year as a transfer student, the Transfer Advisement Coaches and Peer Transfer Advisors work together to connect you to the right support staff in various offices, advocate for you, and facilitate informative workshops.

Transfer Completion Coaches

  • Offer individual coaching sessions to students to discuss requirements and policies and to troubleshoot any difficulties.
  • Reach out to you during your second year as a transfer student to help remove any barriers to graduation. Completion Coaches also hold workshops to assist with the graduation audit process.

Peer Transfer Advisors

  • Offer peer review sessions to discuss requirements with a fellow Brooklyn College student. These advisors available throughout a student’s time at Brooklyn College.
  • Throughout your time at Brooklyn College, they send out regular newsletters to inform you of TSST activities, important dates, and other resources and events.

Forecasts and transcript diagnostics

Coaches also offer schedule forecasts and transcript diagnostics to all students in the program.

  • Schedule forecasts: provide you with an overview of courses you are eligible to take, which you can then discuss with your program advisor.
  • Transcript diagnostic: a summary of all remaining requirements, along with advice regarding curricular opportunities and barriers to graduation.

Transfer Student Success Team Staff

Each transfer advisement and transfer completion coach is assigned to one or more CUNY institution to assist transfer students from that school. All advisors are remote except the Peer Transfer Advisors.

Transfer Advisement Coaches (remote)

Dashler Guillaume
Kingsborough Community College

Ambrosia Powell
Kingsborough Community College

Elise Rivera
Borough of Manhattan Community College

Kubra Qurashi
Hunter College, City College, Queensborough Community College, Medgar Evers College, Queens College, Baruch College, Lehman College, Hostos College, York College, Guttman Community College

Transfer Completion Coaches (remote)

Shena Lee Martinez
Kingsborough Community College

Andrew Gil

Aissata Moussa
Kingsborough Community College

Sabrina Bove
All other CUNY schools

Peer Transfer Advisors (in person)

Atif Gujar
Office Hours:
Tuesday and Thursday 11:00-1:00

Jilyenne Martinez
Office Hours:
Monday 2:00-4:00
Tuesday 1:00-3:00

CONTACT Information

To learn more or to make an appointment:

3208 Boylan Hall

Brooklyn. All in.