Student Success Unit

The Student Success Unit (SSU) coordinates its programs and services to improve credit accumulation, persistence, retention, and graduation.

By focusing on tools and initiatives that promote curricular transparency, accessibility, and degree completion, the SSU offers support for students to create individualized academic plans while clearing obstructions on the path to graduation. Additionally, the SSU creates strategic partnerships across campus to improve academic student success by ensuring students are informed of their degree requirements.

The Student Success Unit is composed of the Center for Academic Advisement and Student Success, First College Year, and DegreeWorks.

Contact Information

Student Success Unit (SSU)
3208 Boylan Hall

Tracy Newton, Executive Director
Michael LoPorto, Associate Director
Gina Priolo, Associate Director
Estefanía Ponti, Assistant Director of Advising Assessment and Student Success
Jeffrey Glass, Campus Administrator/Senior Master Scribe
Leanora Pascall, Specialist

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