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Students can use Navigate to connect with their advisers, schedule advising sessions, connect with campus resources, and leverage advising tools.

Download Navigate Student App

Click on the “Navigate Student” app in the App Store or Google Play.

Schedule an Appointment With an Academic Adviser

  1. Log in to the Navigate Student mobile app or desktop version using your CUNYfirst login.
  2. Go to “Schedule an Appointment.”
    • In the app, tap “Appointments” and then “Schedule an Appointment.”
    • In the desktop version, click “Schedule an Appointment.”
  3. Select “Advising” from the dropdown “What type of appointment would you like to schedule?”
  4. Select “CAASS” from the “Service” dropdown, and then choose the type of advisement needed.
  5. Choose from the available days and times and schedule your appointment.

Need Help?

Tap or click the “Hand Raise” button in Navigate to get help with:

  • Academic advisement and planning
  • Technology
  • Financial concerns or emergency grants
  • Physical and mental health services
  • Food and housing assistance
  • And much more!

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Navigate for Students FAQ

What is Navigate?

Students can use Navigate to connect with their advisers, schedule advising sessions, connect with campus resources, and leverage advising tools.

Why should I use Navigate?

  • Get step-by-step guidance. Navigate is a free mobile app that will help you succeed at Brooklyn College. It is your virtual guide.
  • Make connections. Whether you’re looking for advising or professional support, Navigate will connect you to the right people and resources on campus.
  • Connect to the support you need faster. Have questions or run into a problem? Navigate appointment scheduler gets you in touch with the people who can help.
  • Class schedule. View your class schedule and easily connect with professors.
  • Hold center. Connect to the right office, so you can quickly resolve holds.
  • Study buddy. Connect with other students in your class sections who are interested in studying outside of class.

How can I start using Navigate?

Download Navigate for free in the Apple App Store or Google Play by searching for “Navigate Student.” For the desktop version, go to the Brooklyn College Navigate homepage for students. For both the Navigate app and desktop version, you will use the username and password that you use to log into CUNYfirst.

*Note: The first time you login, you will be prompted to take a short survey. Please fill this out as accurately as you can; this information will help us get to know you and connect you with resources.

What if I can’t log in to Navigate?

If you encounter difficulty logging into the Navigate Student app, log into CUNYfirst to make sure you do not need to reset your CUNYfirst password. If you successfully enter your credentials, but Navigate says, “Uh-oh” or “Something went wrong,” Navigate must not have your username in their system. Contact the Help Desk with your full name, username, EMPLID, and e-mail address.

What to do if my app is frozen?

Try a hard close and relaunch the app. For iOS, double click the Home button then swipe the app preview away to “hard close.” On Android, open the app manager view and slide the app preview away to “hard close.”

How to change my notification settings?

In the More tab, there’s a link called Notification Settings where you can personalize your notification preferences.

I just resolved a hold; why is it still showing up?

Holds are updated every 24 hours in Navigate, so check back the next day to see if it has successfully been resolved in Navigate. If the issue persists, contact the Help Desk.

Navigate for Staff and Faculty FAQ

What is Navigate?

Navigate is our student success management system. It allows staff and faculty to collaborate together to support Brooklyn College students. The goal for the college’s partnership with EAB’s platform Navigate is to help improve retention and graduation rates by identifying areas of additional support needed for students to complete their degrees. Through Navigate, staff and faculty can:

  • manage caseloads,
  • manage appointments,
  • communicate easily with students,
  • submit and track alerts,
  • help students with academic planning,
  • and more!

To access Navigate user guides and videos, visit the Blackboard Navigate training materials created for all Brooklyn College staff and faculty.

Why should I use Navigate?

Our shared goal at Brooklyn College is to improve student outcomes (graduation, retention, course success, etc.). Navigate is an invaluable tool to improve the level of communication and collaboration happening at the college to support students. Navigate can help make your processes more efficient. This way, you can spend more time working with your students and providing holistic support! Features of Navigate include:

  • Appointment System: Sync your calendar to display appointment availability. Options for drop-in appointments and queues.
  • Summary Reports and Notes: Manage caseloads and keep a detailed record of student progress and roadblocks.
  • Campaigns: Proactive outreach to a population in need of a specific intervention or action.
  • Progress Reports: Submit in-semester feedback on the progress of students in a course.
  • Communication: E-mail or text an individual or groups of students.
  • Student Search and Lists: Advanced search capabilities with multiple variables. Pull as well as upload student lists.

How do I get access to Navigate for myself or others in my office?

Visit Navigate for faculty, staff, and administrators and log in using your CUNYfirst credentials.

If you cannot log in using your credentials, contact ITS.

If you see an error message such as “No role assigned,” complete the Navigate User Access form (PDF) and submit via Dropbox.

Login to Navigate

How can I get training on Navigate?

To access Navigate user guides and videos, visit the Blackboard Navigate training materials created for all Brooklyn College staff and faculty.

If you need additional assistance with understanding a specific Navigate feature, send us an e-mail and include your availability with at least three options. A training session will be scheduled to review the feature.

What is the best way to access Navigate?

Staff and faculty can access Navigate through an internet browser. It is highly recommended that you access using Chrome.

How often is the data updated in Navigate?

All of the data in Navigate comes from CUNYfirst. If you have a concern about the data that you are seeing, determine whether or not the data was updated that day. If the data is older than one day and you are still not seeing a change in Navigate, report the issue via e-mail.

How do I report an issue with Navigate?

To report an issue with Navigate, e-mail us.

The e-mail should include the following:

  • Full name and EMPLID
  • Description of the issue
  • The name of the internet browser you were using (Chrome, Firefox, etc.)
  • Screenshots (if possible) of the issue

Is everything I put in Navigate subject to FERPA?

Yes! Navigate is a FERPA-compliant tool. Anything you add to Navigate is considered part of the student’s educational record and is subject to FERPA.

Will Navigate replace DegreeWorks for advising?

No. Navigate does not include a degree auditing feature. You will continue to assess students’ degree audits via the DegreeWorks application.

What does a student have to do to access Navigate?

Accessing Navigate is simple for students. They simply download the Navigate Student mobile app by searching “Navigate Student” in the Google Play or Apple App Store. Once installed, they search for “Brooklyn College.” Students can log in using their CUNYfirst credentials (firstname.lastname+last digits of their CUNY ID). Students can also access Navigate Student from a computer/tablet.

I have a concern about my students’ social, emotional, mental, or physical well-being. Should I submit that in Navigate?

Do not submit these concerns through Navigate.

Instead, we encourage you to contact the Brooklyn College Behavioral Education and Support Team (BEST), a collaborative committee that meets regularly to discuss students displaying behaviors of concern.

BEST determines if any intervention is needed and who would be best to carry out the intervention, and then monitors the intervention. Contact BEST by phone at 718.951.5352. In case of a safety issue, at any time, contact Public Safety immediately at 718.951.5511.

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