Energy Savings Awareness

Help Brooklyn College $ave Energy and Money

5 Easy Ways to $ave Energy on Campus

5 Easy Ways to $ave Energy on Campus

Brooklyn College wants to ensure we don’t waste energy! Leaving a window open during the cold season, propping open doors during hot and humid days, or blasting window air conditioners during unoccupied periods can lead to very costly outcomes. Use the 5 Easy Ways to $ave Energy on Campus poster in your work area and follow the five easy tips:

  • Close the windows when you leave.
  • Leave space around radiators and vents.
  • Set thermostats to 68 degrees in winter and 78 degrees in summer.
  • Turn off unnecessary lights and equipment, including window air conditioners.
  • Shut the sash on fume hoods when not in use.

Print and display these handy posters in your office.

Peak Load Management Days

Energy Savings Awareness

Energy Savings Awareness

It’s hot today!

High temperatures and high energy demand means that the day becomes a Peak Load Management Day.

To conserve energy and avoid a blackout, our buildings staff will be:

  • turning off unnecessary overhead lighting,
  • reducing elevator service, and
  • increasing space temperatures.

To keep the building comfortable for everybody, you should:

  • shut off unnecessary lights,
  • lower shades to block the heat of the sun,
  • turn off computer monitors and other office equipment when not in use, and
  • unplug personal electronics, such as coffee makers or cell phone chargers.

As part of this program, Brooklyn College helps the New York Power Authority avoid electrical system overload and prevent power outages. Under the PLM program, participating facilities reduce energy usage when required.

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