Sustainability Conversation Through Stories

Brooklyn College’s Push Toward More Sustainable Practices

In this video, student Tyler Carrero interviews Steve Alliano, administrative superintendent of buildings and grounds; Duradarshinee Lee, project manager of Facilities and Planning Operations; Abraham Hunter, assistant principal supervisor of custodial services; and Alan Gilbert, senior vice president for finance and administration, as they discuss how Brooklyn College is incorporating sustainability practices in facilities operations and in planning future facilities.

Brooklyn College’s Sustainability Champions

In this video, Tyler Carrero interviews several students, including Christopher Morales, Alyssa Gardner-Vasquez, and Zunera Admed, on the different ways they work on sustainability efforts.

The Seven Pillars of Sustainability

In this video, students Tyler Carrero and Mazina Pritila discuss Brooklyn College’s seven pillars of sustainability. Tyler Carrero interviews Carrie Sadovnik, director of the Office of Environmental Health and Safety and chair of the Campus Sustainability Council, about the sustainability initiatives that make our campus greener.

Educational Initiatives on Sustainability

In this video, student Tyler Carrero interviews Alison Derevensky, urban sustainability student and president of the Brooklyn College Sustainability Club, on what her major covers, the goals of her club, and other academic resources available to the campus community.

Also, Brett Branco, assistant professor of earth and environmental sciences and former director of the Urban Sustainability program, explains the Bachelor of Arts degree program.

Sustainability Research at Brooklyn College

In this video, student Tyler Carrero interviews Earth and Environmental Sciences Professor Zhongqi (Joshua) Cheng to discuss the Urban Soils Lab at Brooklyn College. The lab offers research opportunities and affordable soil-testing services to faculty members, researchers, and students. Also, Earth and Environmental Sciences Chair and Professor Jennifer Cherrier explains her research on green infrastructure, storm-water–related pollutants, removal efficiency, and water storage and reuse.

Our On-Campus Sustainability Programs

In this video, students Tyler Carrero and Mazina Pritila learn about the different sustainable initiatives available to the campus community, including the Farm2Campus Share program (pdf), a weekly subscription program that delivers fresh, locally grown vegetables and fruits, and the Brooklyn College Garden, a green space on the western edge of the campus engaged in sustainable gardening practices.

Brooklyn College faculty explain the dynamics between social and natural systems, and how an interdisciplinary approach can help solve urban sustainability problems.

How Do Natural Disasters Shape Our Views on Sustainability?

In this video, students Tyler Carrero, Michael Hanna, and Mazina Pritila share stories about natural disasters that shaped their views on sustainability and the future.

Discussion: Natural Disasters and Sustainable Living

In this video, students Tyler Carrero and Mazina Pritila discuss ideas about facing natural disasters and sustainable living.

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