Fellowship Recipients

Each year the Ethyle R. Wolfe Institute for the Humanities awards a number of full-year and/or half-year fellowships to full-time members of the Brooklyn College faculty to support their scholarly research and writing in the humanities.


Half-Year Fellowship

Namita N. Manohar, Department of Sociology
“Catholic Interfaith Marriages in Mumbai, India”


Half-year Fellowship

Karen Stern, Department of History
“Judaism: An Object History”


Half-year Fellowship

Tanya Pollard, Department of English
“Richard Burbage and the Making of Shakespeare’s Plays”


Half-year Fellowship

Benjamin Carp, Department of History
“The Night Broadway Burned: The New York City Fire of 1776”


Half-year Fellowship

Jason Eckardt, Conservatory of Music
“Composition and Essay: A Return to “Concord””


Full-year Fellowship

Brigid O’Keeffe, Department of History
“Comrades Without Borders: Esperanto, Citizen Diplomacy, and Internationalism in Russia 1887–1939”


Full-year Fellowship

Serene Khader, Department of Philosophy
“Transnational Feminist Ethics”


Half-year Fellowships

Daniel Campos, Department of Philosophy
“Sauntering in America: An Immigrant-Philosopher’s Experience”

Amy Hughes, Department of Theater
“An Actor’s Tale: Theater, Culture, and Everyday Life in Nineteenth-Century America”


Full-year Fellowship

Michael Rawson, Department of History
“Dreaming the Environmental Future: The Nature of Tomorrow in Modern History”

Half-year Fellowships

Anna Law, Department of Political Science
“Does the Constitution Guarantee Freedom from Tyranny and Despotism”

Michael Menser, Department of Philosophy
“We Decide! Participatory Democracy in Theory and Practice”


Full-year Fellowships

Scott Dexter, Department of Computer and Information Science
“Android Poetics: Bodies in Computation”

Swapna Banerjee, Department of History
“Unraveling the Family Story: Children and Fathers in Colonial India”


Full-year Fellowship

Joseph Entin, Department of English and American Studies Program
“We Are the Planet: American Culture and the New Working Class”


Full-year Fellowships

Liv Yarrow, Department of Classics
“Nuministic Histories of the Roman Republic to c. 49 BC”

Bernd Renner, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures
“Toward a Hermeneutics of French Renaissance Satire: From Pierre Gringoire to Joachim Du Bellay”

Half-year Fellowship

Christopher Ebert, Department of History
“Salvador da Bahia: Economic and Social History of an Atlantic Port City, 1549–1763”


Full-year Fellowships

Jennifer L. Ball, Department of Art
“Habit Formation: The History and Meaning of Byzantine Monastic Dress”

Sharon Flatto, Department of Judaic Studies
“Enlightenment and Jewish Mysticism: Ecstatic Encounters on the Danube, Moldau and Spree”


Full-year Fellowships

Sarumathi Jayaraman, Department of Political Science
“From Ashes to Action: The Autobiography of a Movement”

Robert Lurz, Department of Philosophy
“Mindreading Animals, The Controversy Over Mental-State Attribution in Nonhuman Animals”


Full-year Fellowships

Mona Hadler, Department of Art
“The Art of Lee Bontecou”

Martha Nadell, Department of English
“Imagining Brooklyn”

Peter Taubman, School of Education
“Disavowed Knowledge Psychoanalysis, Education and the Academy”


Full-year Fellowships

Carolina Bank Muñoz, Department of Sociology
“Corporate Social Responsibility: Myth or Reality? The Case of American Apparel”

Katherine Fry, Department of Television and Radio
“Examining News as the Genre and Technology Expand: Audience Participation and Evaluation”

Paul Moses, Department of English
“The Saint and the Sultan”


Full-year Fellowships

Noel Anderson, Department of Political Science
“Black Knowledge Worker: Richard Parrish, Race and the Teachers Union Movement in New York City, 1954–1979”

Gunja SenGupta, Department of History
“Rethinking Slavery: Comparative Perspectives on Bondswomen in Colonial India and the U.S. South”

Jocelyn Wills, Department of History
“The ‘Culture of Incessant Striving’ as Reality and Myth: Case Studies in Upward, Downward, and Lateral Mobility in Post-Civil War America”


Full-year Fellowships

Ray Allen, Institute for Studies in American Music, Conservatory of Music
“Staging the Folk: The New Lost City Ramblers and the Urban Folk Music Revival”

Janet E. Johnson, Department of Political Science
“The Global Politics of Violence Against Women in Post-Soviet Russia”


Full-year Fellowships

Luigi Bonaffini, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures
“A Bilingual Anthology of Migrant Poetry in Italy”

Paula Massood, Department of Film
“Paradise in Harlem: The Mecca of the New Negro and Its Legacies in African American Visual Production”


Full-year Fellowships

Gaston Alonso, Department of Political Science
“Manifest Words/Imperial Deeds: Readings on Imperial Practice and Resistance”

Michael Salim Washington, Conservatory of Music
“Beautiful Nightmare: Coltrane, Jazz, and American Culture”

Half-year Fellowships

Aaron Streiter, Department of English
“The Pentateuch: Defect and Mystery”

Albena Vassileva, Department of English
“Overtaking the Future: Reference, Trauma, and History in American and Russian Postmodern Poetry”


Full-year Fellowships

Ellie Hisama, Conservatory of Music
“Popular Music and the Politics of Sound”

Sid Z. Leiman, Department of Judaic Studies
“Critical Edition and Translation of Rashi’s Commentary in Prophets and Writings”

Iakovos Vasiliou, Department of Philosophy
“Aiming at Virtue: Ethics and Protreptic From Socrates to Aristotle”


Full-year Fellowships

Moustafa Bayoumi, Department of English
“No Struggle Can Assail Us: Captivity, Migration, and Islam in the West”

Gerald Oppenheimer, Department of Health and Nutrition Sciences
“The Epidemiological Imagination: An Intellectual and Social History of Epidemiology in 20th Century America”

Half-year Fellowships

Margarite Fernandez Olmos, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures
“Revisiting Lydia Cabrera’s Sacred Wild”

Corey Robin, Department of Political Science
“Fear: Biography of an Idea”

Edwin Burrows, Department of History
“The Fall of New York”

Nicholas Papayanis, Department of History
“Planning Paris: Architects, Engineers, Intellectuals and the Shaping of the Modern City”

Sharon Zukin, Department of Sociology
“The Shopping Experience: Cultures of Consumption in the Age of the Superstore”


Full-year Fellowships

Sally Avery Bermanzohn, Department of Political Science
“The Ku Klux Klan and U.S. Identity”

Edwin Burrows, Department of History
“The Fall of New York”

Nicholas Papayanis, Department of History
“Planning Paris: Architects, Engineers, Intellectuals and the Shaping of the Modern City”

Sharon Zukin, Department of Sociology
“The Shopping Experience: Cultures of Consumption in the Age of the Superstore”


Full-year Fellowships

Paisley Currah, Department of Political Science
“Liberalism, Cultural Pluralism and the Reproduction Gender”

Samuel Leiter, Department of Theater
“Kabuki Translation Project”

Craig A. Williams, Department of Classics
“Poetic Masculinity in the Epigrams of Martial 1991–92”

Kenneth Bruffee, Department of English
“Collaborative Learning”


Full-year Fellowships

Nanette Funk, Department of Philosophy
“A Political and Ethical Theory of Women and Postcommunism”

Patricia Mainardi, Department of Art
“Husbands, Wives, and Lovers: Marriage and Its Discontents in Nineteenth-century France”

John Van Sickle, Department of Classics
“The New Epic Challenge of Derek Walcott’s Omeros”


Full-year Fellowships

Arnold Koslow, Department of Philosophy
“The Robustness of Scientific Laws”

Philip Rupprecht, Conservatory of Music
“Opera, Performance and Narrative:Benjamin Britten and the Staging of Uncertainty”

Jeffrey Taylor, Conservatory of Music
“Jazz Piano in the Twenties: A Musical and Cultural History”


Full-year Fellowships

Linda Day, Department of Africana Studies
“Marginality and Power: Life Histories of Traditional Female Paramount Chiefs of Sierra Leone”

Teo Ruiz, Department of History
“A Social History of Spain, 1400–1600”

Mary Wiseman, Department of Philosophy
“Accommodating Women: Feminist Readings of Renaissance Paintings”


Full-year Fellowships

Jonathan Adler, Department of Philosophy
“Argument, Interpretation, Fallacy”

Edward Harris, Department of Classics
“Slavery in the Classical World”

Donez Xiques, Department of English
“Margaret Lawrence: Constructing a Post-Colonial Discourse”


Full-year Fellowships

George P. Cunningham, Department of Africana Studies
“Frederick Douglass, Slavery, Subjectivity”

Lee Haring, Department of English
“Folktales and Creolization in the Southwest Indian Ocean”

E. Jennifer Monaghan, Department of Educational Services
“Learning to Read and Write in Colonial America”

Lillian Schlissel, Department of English
“Bawdy Women”


Full-year Fellowships

Angel Alcala, Department of Modern Languages
“Project 1: Alonso Ortiz (1440ca.–1507?), XVth Century Castilian Humanist: Critical edition of his ‘Los tratados’ (Sevilla, 1493)”
“Project 2: Luis de Leon (1527–1591): Life, Works, and Profile of a Classic Spanish Intellectual”

Bonnie Anderson, Department of History
“Joyous Greetings: The First Women’s Movement”

Gertrude Ezorsky, Department of Philosophy
“Coercion and the Workplace”

Diane Marks, Department of Educational Services
“Interpreter of Thought: The English Poems of Charles of Orleans”

Half-year Fellowships

Margarite Fernandez Olmos, Department of Modern Languages
“The Artist and the Process of Cultural Redefinition in Cuba”

Willie Page, Department of Africana Studies
“Blacks in New Netherland”


Full-year Fellowships

Emily Michael, Department of Philosophy
“Secular Renaissance Aristotelianism”

Edwin Burrows, Department of History
“History of New York City”

Gerald Storzer (deceased), Department of Modern Languages
“La Literature Francophone Des Antilles, 1804–1959”


Full-year Fellowship

Kenneth Bruffee, Department of English
“Collaborative Learning”

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