Dr. Greg Kuhlman

Professor of Psychology
Director, Personal Counseling
Director, Mental Health Counseling M.A. Program

Brooklyn College
0203 James Hall
2900 Bedford Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11210-2889
P: 718.951.5174
F: 718.951.5734

Dr. Kuhlman received his doctorate in clinical psychology from CUNY and completed postgraduate training in gestalt psychotherapy at Gestalt Associates, where he served on the training faculty for a number of years. Additional areas of interest include mental health training, marriage success, couples therapy and premarital education, psychodynamic, group and experiential psychotherapy, dissociative psychological disorders, organizational psychology, psychodynamic issues in organizations, organizational diagnosis, and planning.

Interests and Areas of Expertise

  • Mental Health Counseling Psychology, M.A. Program
  • Marriage success and premarital education
  • Psychodynamic and experiential psychotherapy, training, and supervision
  • Counseling and student services administration—comprehensive counseling services and other student services programs, including career development and placement services, personal counseling, drug and alcohol counseling, services for students with disabilities, services for international students, health and wellness services, and housing referral
  • Dissociative psychological disorders
  • Organizational psychology, psychodynamic issues in organizations, organizational diagnosis, and planning
  • Academic integrity policy
  • Special needs of women, persons with disabilities, those from underrepresented groups and disadvantaged backgrounds, veterans, and international students
  • Faculty-student personal relationships research and policy issues—”consensual” student-faculty sexual relationships
  • Computerized operations, including systems for job placement, other career programs, counseling appointment scheduling, counseling statistics, health records, and telephone information
  • Speaks some French and has brief speaking familiarity with several other languages; lived in Rome for 14 months

Adriana DiMatteo, Psy.D.

P: 718.951.5363

Dr. DiMatteo is a graduate of Pace University, where she earned a Psy.D. in combined school psychology and clinical child psychology. Her clinical interests are (but not limited to) trauma, survivors of childhood abuse, identity development, and Asperger spectrum disorders. Before coming to Brooklyn College, she worked at Interfaith Medical Center on an acute psychiatric inpatient unit. She is also active in NYSPA and the Brooklyn Psychological Association.

Margery Frosch, Ph.D.

P: 718.951.5363

Dr. Frosch graduated with a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the CUNY Graduate Center in 2010. Prior to working at Brooklyn College she worked as a research scientist in the Department of Behavioral Medicine at Columbia University Medical Center on two studies that investigated the impact of chemotherapy on cognition in women with early-stage breast cancer. She practices psychoanalytically informed psychotherapy from an intersubjective perspective. She is interested in the ways that trauma and disturbed attachment contribute to the development of character pathology and which elements in the therapist-client relationship contribute the most to healing these problems.

Jennifer Hunter, Ph.D.

Dr. Hunter is a clinical psychologist with over 20 years of experience as a therapist. She completed her doctorate in clinical psychology at New York University. Her orientation to treatment includes elements of relational psychoanalysis, systems theory and clinical common sense. She has had a private practice for 17 years and previous to that worked for the Board of Education as a school psychologist and for South Beach State Psychiatric Hospital. Clinical interests include mood disorders, long-term effects of sexual abuse and other trauma, couples and family therapy, parenting, eating issues, and cultural factors in society and in therapy and fertility problems.

Additional Staff

Tia Stewart
Administrative Operations Coordinator
P: 718.951.5363

Kenya McInnis
Administrative Staff
P: 718.951.5363

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