Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema

The Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema educates a diverse student body in the art and craft of filmmaking, music making, and storytelling in a hands-on, collaborative environment that mirrors the professional world. The extraordinary faculty and staff made up largely of working members of the film, media, and music industries, encourage students to discover their authentic voices and guide them toward a wide variety of careers.

Feirstein School opened in 2015, the result of a $30 million public-private partnership. With tuition costing one-third of other major film schools, we offer M.F.A. degrees in cinema arts—with specializations in live-action filmmaking and digital animation and visual effects (DAVE)—as well as in sonic arts, media scoring, and an M.A. in screen studies.

The Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema is based in the heart of Downtown Brooklyn at the Brooklyn Navy Yard and is part of Brooklyn College and The City University of New York (CUNY).


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Made in NY

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