HSS Student Expo

April 15–16, 2024

This year’s HSS Expo takes place in the Woody Tanger Auditorium and will be livestreamed on YouTube. There are virtual sessions for online-only classes.

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About the Expo

The HSS Student Expo showcases the work of our outstanding humanities and social sciences students, bringing together our end-of-year events and highlighting student research in a single forum. Events include panel discussions, media presentations, poster sessions, and creative readings. Students in all HSS departments, programs, classes, and clubs can participate.

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Deadline to submit: March 22, 2024

Groups can be organized by a faculty member (including adjuncts) or by student club leaders. This year, individual HSS students can also register to present during the Monday, April 15, 5–7 p.m. presentation slot. There will be giveaways for all participants and monetary awards distributed at the HSS Expo awards ceremony on May 6 for the most outstanding presentations.

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