Get Involved and Give Back

Join the hundreds of successful alumni and recent graduates who give back to Brooklyn College each year by getting involved. The New York Knicks, Estée Lauder, DKNY, KPMG, and CNN are just a few of the companies represented by the alumni who have been involved with the Magner Career Center. Over the past 10 years, the Magner Career Center has been fortunate to have more than 1,200 individual alumni give back in some form, as a speaker or mentor, donating for internship stipends, hosting a visit, or recruiting at Brooklyn College.

Check out the different ways some of your fellow alumni are giving back and get involved today:

There are many different ways you can give back. To get started, fill out the Ways Brooklyn College Alumni Can Help Form and the Magner Career Center will be in touch when the appropriate opportunities arise.

Here are just some of the ways you can get involved and show your support for your alma mater:

Provide an Internship

To remain competitive, our students need to prepare for their careers by completing one or more internships by the time they graduate. We are looking for alumni who can provide internships (preferably paid) at their organization. Internships give students the opportunity to remain competitive for top-level jobs and help level the playing field.

If you can help Brooklyn College students get an inside track to internships in your organization, let us know. For information about our internship program, contact Natalia Guarin-Klein at 718.951.5696 or via e-mail.

Support an Internship Stipend

Many alumni have also contributed as little as $50 to help support internship stipends. Providing stipends enables students to take the internships they need. Without this support, many students would be unable to leave their part-time jobs to take needed internships. Since 65% of students who apply for a stipend do not receive one, we can use all the help we can get. Learn more about how the Magner Career Center works hard to level the playing field and the impact of your gift.

Become a Mentor

Mentors from organizations such as Z100, Goldman Sachs, ESPN, New York City Department of Education, U.S. Department of State, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and FEGS have played an important role in impacting Brooklyn College students’ careers and lives. Being a mentor can range from answering questions about a student’s upcoming interview to questions about your career path. To start making a difference in a student’s life, complete your profile on the Ways Alumni Can Help Form and join our Alumni & Student Professional Networking Group on LinkedIn. For more information on becoming a mentor, e-mail Michael Sarrao.

Speak to Current Students

Join other successful alumni from organizations including the New York Knicks, Johnson & Johnson, New York Methodist Hospital, Lord & Taylor, Viacom, KPMG, Tiffany’s, Amazon, JP Morgan, Penguin Books, and the New York State Department of Labor by coming back to campus to speak with students about your career success. Access to professionals gives students the invaluable advice they need to prepare for life after college. Alumni success stories remind students that their own success is possible. Become part of a panel discussion or a roundtable, or visit classes in your field. Contact Natalia Guarin-Klein at 718.951.5696 or via e-mail to get involved.

Host a Visit to Your Company

Alumni from organizations including DKNY, Google, Columbia University, CBS, Chicco’s, Media Impact, and the United Nations have worked with the Magner Career Center to help facilitate visits to their company. To find our more about our visit program, contact Michael Sarrao at 718.951.5696 or via e-mail.

Speak to Prospective Students

Alumni play an important role in sparking students’ interest in attending Brooklyn College.

If you are interested in speaking to prospective students at local high schools or at one of our many open houses, call 718.951.5065.

Recruit Brooklyn College Students

Alumni are a major source of job leads for Brookyn College students and recent graduates.

  • Post your job opportunities on Hire BC to reach hundreds of highly qualified Brooklyn College students directly.
  • Attend the Brooklyn College Job Fairs. Represent your company and meet qualified students to fulfill your company’s needs. More than 1,000 students attend our job fairs annually.
  • Recruit on and off campus. Participate in the special Recruitment Program that enables companies to recruit Brooklyn College students who have been prepared for the job search.

To find out more on how you can fill your staffing needs with Brooklyn College students, call 718.951.5696 or e-mail the Magner Career Center.

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