Steps for Preparing Your Proposal

Here’s how to make your research, scholarly, or creative work proposal-ready. 

Search for Funding

  • Use Pivot RP and Grantforward.
  • Filter for deadlines (more than 2 months out).
  • Where do your colleagues get support for their work?
  • Check publications for funding sources.
  • Consider which funding agency, e.g. federal, state, city, foundation, other.

Check Eligibility

Consider the following questions:

  • Am I eligible to serve as PI at BC?
  • Am I eligible for this award?
  • Is BC an eligible institution for this award?
  • Is there a pre-proposal or Letter of Intent requirement?
  • Not sure? Check with ORSP about eligibility.


Notify ORSP

Proposal Preparation

Consider the following as you prepare your proposal:

  • Assemble all required elements. (This will vary award to award.)
  • Budget. Is matching required?
  • CV or biosketch.
  • Are letters of support or commitment required?
  • Is IRB or IACUC approval needed?
  • Other compliance documents?

Proposal Submission

  • Coordinate with ORSP for proposal submission online.
  • Don’t wait until the last minute! Submit more than 12 hours before the deadline.

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