College Resources

Below you will find information about local programs, support and funding opportunities here at the college. For university or external resources for funding and support, visit the following pages:

CUNY Internal Resources
External Funding and Resources

College Programs and Support

Brooklyn College Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

The goal of the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs is to expand the external funding base of Brooklyn College’s research, teaching, and public service missions. Office personnel provide pre- and post-award services to faculty and staff engaged in sponsored program activity. The office serves as a liaison between Brooklyn College and the Research Foundation, CUNY’s fiscal agent for grants and contract awards.

Brooklyn College Library/AIT Faculty Services

Adjunct and full-time faculty can access to a wide range of services and resources at the library, including classroom resources, technology resources, library instruction, research and writing resources, predatory publishing information, Open Educational Resources (OER), and much more. Visit the Faculty Services website to learn more about these services and resources. Feel free to stop by the reference desk on the first floor, or call 718.951.5628 with any questions.

BC in the City Co-curricular Program

Division of Student Affairs—Funding for Student Engagement Activities
In support of the mission of the college in developing knowledgeable students who are engaged in the life of the college, the BC in the City Co-Curricular Program provides the opportunity for students and faculty to engage in learning experiences outside the classroom and off campus. Such experiences may include activities such as conferences, cultural trips, and volunteer opportunities. If you have questions, contact Ron Jackson, vice president for student affairs, by e-mail or by phone at 718.951.5352.

Student Career Support: Faculty Collaboration and Support

The Magner Career Center staff has works closely with staff and faculty to support their office or department’s goals. This includes co-sponsoring events and referring students to our center. If you have any questions or don’t see a program or service that you would like for your students, call 718.951.5696.

Research and Pedagogy Grant Opportunities

Faculty Resource Network Summer Seminar

NYU’s Faculty Resource Network (FRN) is one of the country’s leading faculty development efforts, and many faculty from Brooklyn College have taken part in them in the past. As institutional members of the Leadership Alliance, faculty at Brooklyn College are eligible to apply to attend FRN Summer Seminars at no cost. Our faculty who have participated in the past rate them as excellent opportunities to meet colleagues at other institutions and think about new approaches to their teaching and scholarship. The application is relatively simple: Completed application form—signed by Dean Louise Hainline as the college’s Leadership Alliance representative (signature #2); a statement of intent indicating how you will apply what you will learn at the summer seminar in your classes at Brooklyn College; a current CV; and a letter of support from your dean or your chair, whoever is well-acquainted with your area of research.

Wolfe Institute Fellowship for 2020–21

The Ethyle R. Wolfe Institute for the Humanities will award a fellowship in the humanities to Brooklyn College full-time faculty for the 2020–21 academic year. The fellowship aims to support significant projects of scholarly research and writing in the humanities. The fellowship will award faculty full or partial release from teaching obligations during one semester, offering a rare opportunity for such research support in the humanities. Wolfe Fellows will also be expected to share their work with the larger Brooklyn College community by participating in the activities of the Ethyle R. Wolfe Institute during the fellowship period and will normally give at least one public lecture and/or one faculty seminar on their work in progress.

Mellon Undergraduate Transfer Student Research Program

We invite you to apply to the Mellon Undergraduate Transfer Student Research Program, which gives HSS faculty the opportunity to advance your academic research and work collaboratively with undergraduate transfer students. The work students and their faculty mentors have done over the past five semesters has been incredible and far-ranging—from projects on urban sustainability, to Shakespeare in Japan, to the civil rights movement in New York, to photo-documenting gentrification in Brooklyn. The program aids and empowers transfer students at the college by facilitating their ability to conduct serious and rigorous research and helping them develop mentor relationships with faculty. In addition to course credit, students will receive a stipend of $700; faculty will also receive $350 in research/travel money per advisee as well as independent study workload credit.

Other Support and Opportunities

Guggenheim Museum—Free Admission and Educational Programming

Brooklyn College students, staff, and faculty get free access to the Guggenheim Museum with their college ID. Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity and encourage your students to do so as well! Nearly 1,000 students visited the museum during the 2018–19 academic year.

Furthermore, the Guggenheim provides us with a list of upcoming exhibitions and events (pdf) so that we might incorporate them into our syllabi when appropriate. The museum is very accommodating if you would like to arrange special visits or programming for your courses. You may contact Greer Kudon, director of school programs, and Rachel Ropeik, manager of public engagement, education. Additionally, Kudon manages the Guggenheim for All program, for students with autism dpectrum disorders, and Ropeik manages Mind’s Eye Tours for visitors who are blind or have low vision.

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