Music, B.A.

School of Visual, Media and Performing Arts

Program Overview

As a music student, you will learn the creative and technical skills to become a professional songwriter, producer, or composer, with courses ranging from music history and psychoacoustics to learning how to build electronic music instruments. With three liberal arts–minded tracks—music technology, music studies, and American music and culture—to choose from, you will also graduate as a culturally informed critical thinker with solid communication skills.

Music, B.A.

Where You'll Go

With a background in music, you could go on to become a lyricist, music supervisor, journalist, historian, teacher, or any number of related professions.

Major Details

The program information listed here reflects the approved curriculum for the 2023-2024 academic year per the Brooklyn College Bulletin. Bulletins from past academic years can be found here.

Major Requirements (54 Credits Plus Language Other than English or Proficiency)

Music is a writing intensive major.

All music courses offered to satisfy the requirements for a major in music must be completed with a grade of C or higher.

All students take the following: Music 13001400 (6 credits).

Three tracks are offered in the bachelor of art degree program in music:

  • American Music and Culture
  • Music Studies
  • Music Technology

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Ability to write and speak about music with precision and clarity and to articulate and defend critical judgments..
  • Acquire fluency with an extensive and varied repertory through performance, analysis, and concert attendance (including Western art music, non-Western art music, jazz, and Western and non-Western popular and folk music)..
  • Knowledge of the historical and cultural contexts in which music has been created and performed in different periods and places.
  • Functional knowledge of the terminology, and grammar of music with regards to musical elements (rhythm, melody, harmony, timbre, texture, dynamics, form) and their application in aural and score-based analysis.
  • Functional ear training and keyboard skills, including sight-reading.


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American Music and Culture

American Studies 1001 or 1010 (3 credits).

Music 3101 (3 credits).

12 credits from Music 2101 through 2107, Music 2109, Puerto Rican and Latino Studies 3125, Music 4430, Music 4431, or Music 4940 (12 credits).

6 credits from Music 3260 and Music 3322.

Four semesters of Music 2791 or substitute by permission of instructor and advisor (12 credits).

Music 5540 and 3 credits from a combination of Music 588158825883(6 credits).

Music 4872 and 4873 (6 credits).

Music Studies

Music 3211321232133214 (8 credits).

Music 3221322232233224 (4 credits).

Music 3231 and 3232, or 32353233 or 32363234 or 3237 (12 credits).

Music 324132423243 (12 credits).

One course in American or non-western music, Music 4430 through 4449, or one specialized course in music theory,

Music 4450 through 4479 (3 credits).

Music 3225 or 3791 and 3226 or 3792 (4 credits).

Two credits in ensemble performance from Music 3700 through 3781 as assigned by the Conservatory of Music (2 credits).

One seminar in music numbered in the 4900s or a suitable advanced course in another department or program, approved in advance by the director (3 credits).

Students who wish to be considered for performance lessons, Music 3791 and 3792, in place of advanced keyboard classes, Music 3225 and 3226, must demonstrate proficiency in an audition no later than the beginning of their junior year. Final approval will be given by the director.

Music Technology

Music 3101 (3 credits).

6 credits from Music 2100 through Music 2149 or Music 4440 (6 credits).

Music 32603261326332643322, (15 credits).

6 credits from Music 3262 or Music 3323 or Music 3325 (6 credits).

Two semesters of Music 3744. May substitute one semester with any ensemble from Music 3700 to Music 3781 as approved by the Chair. (2 credits).

Music 5540 and a minimum of 4-credits from a combination of Music 588158825883 (4 credits) and Music 48704871 (6 credits).

Internships and Employers

Through job fairs, the internship database, and internship panels, the Magner Career Center gives students in the music B.A. program access to career opportunities at a wide variety of employers, including:

  • Apple
  • Atlantic Records
  • BRIC
  • Comedy Central
  • Lincoln Center
  • McAllister Music Studio
  • NBC Universal
  • Paramount
  • Sirius XM
  • Sony Pictures Entertainment
  • Universal Music Group
  • VH1
  • Viacom
  • YouTube

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