Educational Research and Assessment

Student learning is at the heart of each of Brooklyn College’s educational programs. Understanding how well students are learning through meaningful assessment methods is central to maintaining the quality of our educational offerings. As part of Brooklyn College’s commitment to best practices in this realm, the Educational Research and Assessment (ERA) office has provided tools to support learning outcomes assessment and faculty efforts in this area. We also work with the school deans in fulfilling their assessment responsibilities for their schools.

In addition, administrative effectiveness is crucial to the operation of the college. The ERA office works closely with divisional vice presidents and senior vice presidents, as well as administrative staff, to ensure proper assessment of the college’s Administrative, Educational, and Student Support (AES) units. The ERA office has provided tools to support AES staff and administration in outcomes assessment.

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Assessment at Brooklyn College

Statement on Assessment from CUNY Executive Vice Chancellor Jose Luis Cruz

CUNY Expectations for Assessment (PDF)

Academic Assessment

Faculty-driven academic assessment is required on two levels.

Program-Level Assessment

Program-level assessment examines student learning outcomes for each degree program over all five schools at Brooklyn College:

  • Program-level assessment is conducted on a recommended three-year cycle, with programs reporting on assessment activities annually.
  • Along with annual reporting for program-level assessment, programs must conduct a Self-Study every eight years, which aligns with the MSCHE Self-Study cycle and fulfills the CUNY-mandated program review requirements. Programs that have external professional accreditation may report to their accreditors in lieu of the CUNY-mandated program review.
  • Academic Program Self-Study/External Review

General Education / Institutional Outcomes Assessment

General education assessment examines broader, college-wide student learning outcomes across the curriculum. This assessment is conducted in Pathways-approved courses and is led by the Faculty Council General Education Committee and General Education coordinator.

AES Assessment

Administrative unit-driven AES assessment is required of all units within the five administrative divisions at Brooklyn College. The units are assessed on administrative outcomes determined by the unit and/or division and on student learning outcomes for any student-facing units.

  • Most AES units conduct assessment on a recommended three-year cycle, with units reporting on assessment activities annually. Note that ultimately, the cycle length for AES units is at the discretion of the AES division head, with a maximum cycle length of five years.
  • Along with annual reporting, units must conduct a CUNY-mandated External AES Unit Review.

Assessment Overview

Assessment Overview

Academic Assessment

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