General Education / Pathways Assessment

General education assessment examines broad, college-wide student learning outcomes across the curriculum. This assessment is conducted in Pathways-approved courses and is led by the Faculty Council General Education Committee and General Education coordinator.

Brooklyn College’s Institutional Outcomes for General Education

Throughout their education at Brooklyn College, students will learn to:

  • think critically and creatively,
  • effectively express their thoughts,
  • make sound ethical judgments,
  • integrate knowledge from diverse sources, and
  • become informed and responsible citizens of the world.

Students will acquire in-depth knowledge within their major area of study complemented by an understanding of a broad range of topics important in our global, 21st-century society.

With an Eye Toward These Outcomes, the College Has Implemented General Education/Pathways Assessment

General Education/Pathways assessment is conducted on a three year cycle (pdf) for all competencies. Assessment of nine of the competencies listed below is done on a set schedule (LOTE course assessment processes are currently in development by the General Education coordinator).

General Education/Pathways courses fall under three categories:

  • Required Common Core
    • English Composition
    • Mathematical and Quantitative Reasoning
    • Life and Physical Sciences
  • Flexible Common Core
    • Creative Expression
    • Individual and Society
    • Scientific World
    • U.S. Experience in Its Diversity
    • World Cultures and Global Issues
  • College Option
    • Inter-Cultural Competence
    • LOTE (Language Other Than English)

For further questions regarding General Education/Pathways assessment, e-mail the General Education coordinator, Caroline E. Arnold.

General Education/Pathways Assessment Resources

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