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New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE) Teaching Job Opportunities

The NYCDOE teacher job application for 2023–24 jobs is now open. If you expect to have your New York State teacher certification confirmed in that time, you can apply. The sooner you apply, the more opportunities you may have. You do not need to be certified to apply.

2023 Deadlines

  • January 19: immediate opportunities deadline for jobs in 2023
  • March 3: early commitment deadline for specific districts and subject areas
  • April 27: peak season hiring deadline
  • June 22: hiring deadline for summer jobs
  • August 10: final deadline. Allows time for DOE onboarding for September 2023 jobs.

View a one-sheet (PDF) with details on available positions, qualifications, and how to apply.

We encourage you to apply before you have your certification confirmed. You can finish your certification requirements before you start to work.

You will need evidence that you are on your way to certification.


If you are already working as a substitute teacher or any other DOE job but are not yet a teacher of record, or if you have a job offer from an NYCDOE school, you will need to complete the application.

If you are working with internship certification, contact the NYCDOE Office of Teacher Recruitment and Quality using their Online Support Center for instructions.

If you completed a NYC New Teacher Application in the past, but did not receive a position in the NYCDOE, contact the staff at the NYCDOE Office of Teacher Recruitment and Quality using their Online Support Center for instructions.

A complete online teacher application is an important and required step in the NYCDOE’s teacher hiring process.

If you do not have a Social Security number, you can contact the NYCDOE Online Support Center staff for help with the hiring process.

In order to work in public schools in New York, you need to check on the authorization needed. Individual schools may have the ability to provide sponsorship.

Note that New York State teacher certification, for work in public schools, has two stages, Initial and Professional. For the initial certificate, citizenship is not needed. Initial certificates are valid for five years with the possibility of a time extension. After that, you will need to complete the requirements for a professional certificate: three years of relevant paid teaching experience, a related master’s degree, and any other requirements needed such as INS permanent residence or U.S. citizenship. You can find more information about the citizenship requirement at the New York State Department of Education (NYSED) Office of Teaching Initiatives (OTI) website.

After you complete the NYCDOE application, you can use the “New Teacher Finder” database. Some job openings may not be listed in the database, and some jobs may not have been posted. You can network with teachers and other school professionals directly, and research current and new NYCDOE schools by grade level, borough, or district via the NYCDOE website. Every eligible teacher candidate is ultimately responsible for their own job placement.

High Need Certifications

If your certification is in a non-shortage subject, you may want to consider adding another age group/subject to your certification and/or consider applying for jobs in high-need areas of New York City, such as the Bronx.

Candidates who hold a Students With Disabilities Certification for Grades 1–6 are in particularly high demand.

If a candidate holds an additional certification or is in the process of obtaining an additional certification by September 2022, they must ensure their application in the New Teacher Finder is updated with this information, so they can focus their job search in their other area of certification and be cleared for hire. Candidates may send an e-mail if their application needs to be updated.

Certification Processing Time

After your degree is confirmed, you may need to allow at least three weeks for the degree to be confirmed by the Registrar’s Office, then the certification officer needs to add your recommendation for certification to your account.

For priority processing by the college: after your grades are in, you can request a statement of graduation using this form, and then send it to the certification officer who will check that your mandated workshops and degree are completed and then add the recommendation to your state records to confirm your education.

If a school can hire you as a substitute teacher before your certification is confirmed, that may help you start work while you wait for your certification records to be confirmed.

Additional Resources, Events, and Application Links

Magner Career Center

The School of Education works closely with the Magner Career Center to offer events and services designed to prepare students for a successful career. Through partnerships with employers, alumni, faculty, and staff, the Magner Career Center develops programs to meet the specific needs of the students in the School of Education.

Recent graduates of the School of Education who actively prepared for their career by participating in internships and using the Magner Career Center’s services have found career success after graduation. Graduates since 2004 hold prestigious positions, including English teacher at Midwood High School, care manager/care coordinator at Diaspora Community Services, bilingual school psychologist at the NYCDOE, college adviser at the Manhattan Educational Opportunity Center, kindergarten teacher at Achievement First, teacher at Sco Family of Services, special education teacher at Harlem Children’s Zone, and middle school special education teacher at the NYCDOE.

We strongly recommend that you have your resume reviewed at the Magner Career Center. Check the center’s site for information on drop-in hours for resume review and approval.

Internships and Employers

Internship Stipends

The Magner Career Center can provide up to $5,000 to use for student teaching and other unpaid work. You can apply before securing your placement. The summer/fall internship deadline is late March, and the spring internship deadline is late October.

Finding an Internship

In order to use the Brooklyn College Job site, sign in to the BC WebCentral Portal and go to the career tab, then click Hire BC for access. You will be able to access job and internship positions and apply directly. If you cannot log in using the BC WebCentral portal, you can use this link instead. You can use Hire BC to apply for openings, share your resume with employers, and more.

Employers are always looking for Brooklyn College students and alumni through our bi-annual job fair and our job search website, Hire BC. Here are some employers looking to hire students and alumni from the School of Education: Achieve Beyond, Achievement First, AHRC-NYC, Boys & Girls Clubs, Bright Horizons, DREAM Charter School, Harlem Children’s Zone, Jumpstart, Kaplan, Reading Partners, Uncommon Schools, and Wingspan Arts.

You can subscribe to CUNY’s weekly jobs and internships newsletter.

Alumni Mentoring Program

The Magner Career Center’s Alumni Mentor Program pairs students with a mentor in their field of interest. Mentors have come from organizations including Brooklyn Academy for Science and the Environment, New York State Education Department, NYCDOE, CAMBA, and Howard University School of Law. The center also hosts mentor luncheons and networking nights as another way to connect students with alumni.

Videos on the Magner Career Center YouTube Channel feature students, faculty, and alumni at organizations. There is a playlist by school.

Career Workshops and Panels

The Magner Career Center and the School of Education bring back successful alumni to serve as speakers and participants in mentor luncheons and networking nights. Past participants include the assistant superintendent for secondary education, chief executive officer of VSL Education Consulting, teachers and principals from the NYCDOE, and the director of planning at the NYCDOE. Events and programs specific for the School of Education have included “Thinking Outside the Box: Building Minds through Education,” “NYC Charter School Career Fair,” “Dale Carnegie Training: Networking for Education Majors,” “Making a Difference: Education, Nonprofit and Social Impact Internships,” “Principal Panel,” and “How to Get a Job in School Counseling/School Psychology.”

Company Visits

Learn first-hand about a profession of your interest and its career requirements through a visit to an organization. Past visits have been with organizations such as Teach for America, City Year, American Museum of Natural History, Columbia University, and New York City government. The visits are often hosted by Brooklyn College alumni.

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