Internship Certification for Teacher Candidates

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If you are a junior or senior in a graduate/master’s classroom teacher program and receive a job offer to teach the same subject as your graduate degree, you can work with an internship certificate while you are still taking classes and earn a full teacher’s salary and benefits. An internship certificate (PDF) is specifically designed for graduate students who have not yet held New York State certification in the same subject area of the certificate held.

If you have not received a job offer, and are or will be eligible for the title,  you can search for a job on your own and/or use the New Teacher Finder  while the application is opened (usually December to August). You can e-mail the certification officer and ask for an “on track” letter for the application.

  1. You need to complete at least 50% of your graduate program for certification with a GPA above 3.00.
  2. You will need to complete three mandated workshops.
  3. Your fingerprint records need to be recorded on your New York State TEACH account before you begin to work.
    • If you do not have a job offer, you can use the New Teacher Finder database that is part of the NYC DOE job application to look for a job. You can e-mail Helen Spencer for the on track letter needed for the application. You will then need to follow the instructions below.
    • You can receive a job offer without using the New Teacher Finder database. You can network with school professionals.
  4. When you receive a job offer, matching the age group/subject of your graduate certification program, you will need to contact your program adviser for approval to work at that site while you are in your college program. Internship certificates are issued under the control of the program and students must be approved at the program level by the program adviser. You should confirm appropriate course for supervision with your program adviser:
    • Students in Secondary Education working with internship certification will be required to take SEED 7542 or 7543 student teaching or SEED 7001 each term the student is working under internship certification to provide supervision as required by the NYSED.
    • Students in the Early Childhood/ Art Education and Childhood/Bilingual/Special Ed graduate programs working with internship certification who have completed student teaching will be required to take ECAE 7001 or CBSE 7012 each term the student is working under internship certification to provide supervision as required by the NYSED.
  5. After you receive a job offer, and approval from your college program adviser, you will need to ask the principal and adviser to send confirmation letters to the certification officer. The principal will need to confirm that they will hire you for a full-time position, teaching the same age group/subject as your college program.  The program adviser will need to confirm approval to work at the site while you are in college and if you need additional courses for supervision. The certification officer will check if all requirements are met, then add an institutional recommendation for New York State internship certification to your TEACH account to confirm you are eligible for the title.
  6. After you have a job offer and the other requirements listed above, you will need to complete the NYCDOE job application if this will be your first NYCDOE teaching job and if you have not completed the application this year. The data in that application will be used as part of the hiring process, even though you have a job offer and/or if you had another DOE title such as substitute or assistant/paraprofessional.
  7. After the steps above are done, you will need to pay a $50 application fee for New York State internship certification using your NY State TEACH account. Application program codes, needed for the application, are listed on the Student Information Sheet (PDF).

What Happens Next

If you are eligible for internship certification, you should plan to finish your certification tests and other requirements for initial certification before you finish your graduate program. Your master’s program completion date will be the end date for your internship certification. The internship certificate is valid for a maximum of two years from its effective date, or when you finish your master’s program, whichever happens first. When you complete or leave the college program, the certificate is no longer valid, regardless of the expiration date listed in TEACH.

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