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Most of our classes are scheduled for in person, but we also have a selection of hybrid and online courses to suit students’ needs.

E-mail your instructor for further details. If you need to look up the contact information for your instructor, view the Faculty Contact Information and Office Hours page.

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding this transition, e-mail the department chair, Professor Daniel Campos, or call the office at 718.951.5311.

Find the Meaning of Life at Brooklyn College

You constantly ponder life’s greatest questions: What is our place in the universe? How does one determine good versus bad? Where did it all begin, and what is reality anyway? The Department of Philosophy can give you the tools to try to sort it all out. You will improve your reasoning, analytic, and judgment skills, and you’ll enhance your ability to develop and defend positions. Your philosophy courses will do more than just help you understand what it’s all about; they’ll prepare you for a wide range of careers—in law, business, finance, management, and technology—by cultivating your abilities to think critically and creatively about complex problems, and to express yourself with confidence and clarity.

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Faculty Advisers (Major/Minor and Pre-Law Advisement)

Go to our Advising page to view information regarding our faculty advisers (name, e-mail address, phone, office, and days/times for their office hours). We have advisers for our majors/minors as well as for pre-law.

Major and Minor Checklists

Studying philosophy will teach you to think clearly and critically, and to communicate complex ideas effectively both orally and in writing. Philosophy will prepare you for a wide range of careers, earn more than any other humanities major, and transform you into an engaged and responsible citizen.

To keep track of your progress toward completing your major and/or minor, view the checklists for majors and minors, where you will find a checklist for each major and/or minor that you can download as a pdf.

Course Schedule

Our Fall 2023 Course Schedule (PDF)– (April 12, 2023) provides the following information for each of our course offerings: catalog number, section, registration code, days, times, location, and instructor.

Course Descriptions

To help you make an informed decision as to what courses to enroll in, view our course descriptions page. We have compiled a list of course descriptions composed by the professors who will be teaching these classes. We hope that this will give you more insight into what will be taught in these classes. If you have further questions about a specific course, we encourage you to contact the instructor directly.

Transfer Credit Evaluators

Refer to the Philosophy Department Transfer Credit Policy (PDF) for specific transfer credit policies. View more information regarding our transfer credit policy and transfer credit evaluators (name, office, phone, e-mail, and days/times for their office hours).

Featured Faculty

A Texas-Size Catastrophe

Associate Professor Michael Menser says the climate disaster in the Lone Star State provides important lessons on public policy and climate change.

Anna Gotlib Interviewed by Engaged Philosophy

Anna Gotlib, an associate professor in the Philosophy Department, uses public philosophy to create connection—across life circumstance, profession, medium, ideas, humanity—and opens spaces for minds to grow and maybe change.

More Faculty

Featured Alumni

Daniela Alba Ramirez ’21

In her recent interview with BC News, philosophy major Daniela Alba Ramirez engages in deep personal questions about her privileged spot as a former immigrant and discusses her interests in “the political economy of peace and war, from both a religious and nonreligious context.” She will continue her education at the American University of Rome, pursuing a master’s degree in peace studies.

Kennedy Alexis ’19

In this video, Kennedy Alexis describes the career opportunities that her philosophy major opened for her. “Becoming a philosophy major was the best academic decision that I made,” she says. “Philosophy teaches its students analytical and critical thinking skills in the context of life, allowing them to have greater access to autonomy.” Alexis was accepted to the State University at Buffalo’s Master’s Program in Urban Planning and will be starting the program this fall.

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Applying to Philosophy M.A. and Ph.D. Programs

View our graduate school information page.

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