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Directory of Social Media Accounts

From academic departments and programs to our beloved Brooklyn College Bulldogs, our social media directory is a collection of all associated Brooklyn College accounts.

Don’t see your official account listed? Send an e-mail to and we’ll add you to the directory.

Name Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube
Actuarial Society Facebook
Admissions Facebook Twitter
Adult Literacy Program Facebook
African Student Union Facebook Instagram
Africana Studies Facebook Twitter Instagram
AIT Faculty Training and Development Lab Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube
Alpha Epsilon Phi (Epsilon Beta Chapter) Instagram
Alpha Epsilon Pi (AEPi) Facebook Instagram
Alumni Engagement Facebook Twitter Instagram
American Medical Student Association (BC AMSA) Facebook
American Studies Facebook Twitter Instagram
Anime and Manga Facebook Instagram
Anthropology Twitter Instagram
Art Facebook
Asian American Faculty and Staff Association of Brooklyn College Facebook Twitter Instagram
Badminton Club Facebook Instagram
Bangladesh Students Association Facebook Instagram YouTube
BC Actuarial Society Instagram
BC Bound Twitter
B.F.A. Acting Instagram
B.F.A. Art Instagram
Bilingual Education Program Facebook Instagram
Biology Club Facebook Instagram
Black and Latino Male Initiative (BLMI) Facebook Twitter Instagram
Brooklyn College Anthropology Club Facebook
Brooklyn College Athletic Compliance Twitter Instagram
Brooklyn College Athletics Twitter Instagram YouTube
Brooklyn College Cancer Center Facebook Twitter Instagram
Brooklyn College Cares Twitter
Brooklyn College Cheerleading Facebook Instagram
Brooklyn College CIS Club Facebook Instagram
Brooklyn College Connects Facebook
Brooklyn College Film Alumni Association Facebook
Brooklyn College Greek Life Facebook Instagram
Brooklyn College Library Facebook Twitter Instagram
Brooklyn College Listening Project Facebook Twitter Instagram
Brooklyn College Navigators Instagram
Brooklyn College Online Bookstore Instagram
Brooklyn College Political Science Club Instagram
Brooklyn College PSC Facebook Twitter
Brooklyn College Recreation Instagram
Brooklyn College Slam Team Instagram
Brooklyn College Socialists Facebook Instagram
Brooklyn College Sustainability Club Instagram
Brooklyn College Television Club Facebook Instagram
Brooklyn College Undergraduate Student Government Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube
Brooklyn College Vanguard Facebook Twitter Instagram
Buster the Bulldog Twitter Instagram
Caribbean Studies Facebook
Center for Academic Advisement and Student Success Facebook Twitter Instagram
Center for Achievement in Science Education (CASE) Facebook Twitter Instagram
Center for the Study of Brooklyn Twitter
Ceramics Club Instagram
Chabad at Brooklyn College Facebook
Chemistry Facebook
Children and Youth Studies Facebook Instagram
Children First Club Instagram
Classics Twitter
Coalition of Brooklyn College Radical Asians (COBRA) Facebook Twitter Instagram
Communication Twitter
Computer and Information Science Facebook
Conservatory of Music Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube
Coordinated B.A.-M.D. Program Facebook Instagram
Creative Writing M.F.A. Program Twitter
Film Facebook
Diana Rogovin Davidow Speech Language Hearing Center Facebook Twitter
Digital Animation and Visual Effects Instagram
Diversity and Equity Programs Facebook Twitter Instagram
Division of Student Affairs Facebook Twitter Instagram
Dominican Student Movement Facebook Instagram
DREAM Team Facebook
Earth and Environmental Sciences Facebook Twitter
EMS Facebook
English Instagram YouTube
English M.A. Program Twitter
English Majors’ Counseling Office Facebook
Enrollment Services Center Facebook Twitter
Ethyle R. Wolfe Institute for the Humanities Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube
Evolutionary Morphology Laboratory (Stephen Chester Lab) Twitter
Experimental Psychology M.A. Program Facebook Instagram
Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube
Feirstein Music Facebook Twitter Instagram
Feirstein Student Organization Facebook Instagram
Financial Aid Office Facebook Twitter
First College Year Facebook Twitter Instagram
Gospel Choir Facebook Instagram YouTube
Graduate Admissions Facebook Twitter
Graduate Student Organization (GSO) Instagram
Graduation Initiatives and Commencement Planning Facebook Instagram
GWC College Loops Instagram
Haitian Studies Institute Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube
Haitian-American Student Association Twitter Instagram
Health and Nutrition Science Club Facebook Instagram
Health and Nutrition Sciences Twitter Instagram YouTube
Health Programs / Immunization Requirements Office Facebook Instagram
Health Clinic Facebook Twitter Instagram
History Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube
H. Wiley Hitchcock Institute for Studies in American Music Facebook Twitter Instagram
IO Psychology at Brooklyn College Twitter
Immigrant Student Success Office Twitter Instagram
Information Technology Services Twitter
International Programs and Study Abroad Facebook Twitter Instagram
International Student and Scholar Services Facebook Twitter YouTube
Islamic Society and Muslim Women’s Educational Initiative Facebook Instagram
Italian American Student Union Instagram
Italian Culture Club Twitter
Judaic Studies Facebook Twitter Instagram
JumpStart Facebook Twitter
Kappa Sigma (Pi-Phi Chapter) Facebook Instagram
Koppelman Student Leadership Council Facebook Instagram
Korean Culture Club Facebook Instagram
Latin/Greek Institute Facebook Twitter
Learning Center Facebook
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Alliance Facebook Instagram
LGBTQ+ Resource Center Facebook Instagram
LGBTQ Studies Facebook Twitter
Linguistics Club Instagram
Macaulay Honors College Facebook Twitter Instagram
Magner Career Center Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube
Mathematics Twitter
Mellon Undergraduate Transfer Student Program Instagram
Men’s Basketball Twitter Instagram
Men’s Tennis Instagram
Men’s Volleyball Instagram
Men’s and Women’s Cross Country Instagram
Mexican Heritage Student Association (MeHSA) Facebook Instagram
M.F.A. Art Facebook Twitter
Modern Languages and Literatures Facebook Instagram YouTube
Morton and Angela Topfer Library Café Twitter
Murray Koppelman School of Business Twitter Instagram
Muslims Giving Back – Brooklyn College Chapter Facebook Instagram
National Association of Black Accountants (NABA) Instagram
National Black Law Student Association (NBLSA) Instagram
Neuroscience REU Program Twitter
Newman Catholic Center Facebook Instagram
NYPIRG Brooklyn College Facebook Instagram
Office of Scholarships Twitter
Percy Ellis Sutton SEEK Program Facebook Twitter Instagram
Performance and Interactive Media Arts (PIMA) M.F.A. Twitter
Personal Counseling Instagram
Philosophy Facebook Twitter YouTube
Physics of Medicine Instagram
Political Science Facebook Twitter Instagram
Pre-Health Professions Twitter Instagram
Pre-Nursing Association Instagram
Preparatory Center for the Performing Arts Facebook
President Michelle J. Anderson Instagram
Psychology Facebook Twitter Instagram
Psychology Club Facebook Instagram
Psychology Grad Program Facebook
Puerto Rican and Latino Studies Facebook Twitter Instagram
Queer Student Action Alliance Twitter Instagram
School of Education Twitter Instagram
School of Humanities and Social Sciences Twitter Instagram
School of Natural and Behavioral Sciences Twitter Instagram
School of Visual, Media and Performing Arts Facebook Twitter Instagram
Science and Resilience Institute at Jamaica Bay Facebook Twitter
SexHub at Brooklyn College Facebook Instagram
Social Studies Education at Brooklyn College Facebook
Sociology Facebook Twitter Instagram
Sonic Arts M.F.A. at Brooklyn College Facebook Instagram
Stuck in the Library Facebook Twitter Instagram
Student Activities, Involvement and Leadership (S.A.I.L.) Facebook Instagram
Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) Instagram
Student Forensics – Speech and Debate Team Facebook Twitter
Student Organization for Every Disability United for Progress (SOFEDUP) Facebook Instagram
Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) Instagram
Student Financial Services Facebook Instagram
Students for Justice in Palestine Facebook Instagram
Studies in Religion Facebook Twitter Instagram
Study Abroad India Facebook
Swim and Diving Team Instagram
Table Tennis Club Facebook
Tanger Hillel House Facebook Twitter Instagram
Television, Radio, & Emerging Media (TREM) Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube
The Excelsior Facebook Twitter Instagram
The Kingsman Facebook Twitter Instagram
The Shirley Chisholm Project Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube
The Women’s Center Facebook Twitter Instagram
Theater Facebook Twitter Instagram
Theater Scene / Electric Shop Facebook
University Student Senate Instagram
Transfer Student Success Team Instagram
Urban Soils Lab at Brooklyn College Facebook
Urban Sustainability Facebook Instagram YouTube
Veteran Affairs and Counseling Center Facebook Twitter
Vocal Department Facebook
WBCR (Brooklyn College Radio) Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube
WBCR Sports Instagram
WEB Computer Lab Facebook
Women in Computer Science Club Facebook Twitter Instagram
Women of Color at Brooklyn College Facebook Instagram
Women’s Basketball Instagram
Women’s Softball Instagram
Women’s Soccer Instagram
Women’s Tennis Instagram
Women’s Volleyball Instagram
Women’s and Gender Studies Facebook Twitter Instagram
YPA Brooklyn College Facebook Twitter Instagram

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